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Canon Announces the EOS 3000D: Ideal for First-Time DSLR Users


On 26 February 2018, Canon unveiled the EOS 3000D. Along with the EOS 1500D released on the same date, the camera pioneers a new lineup of cameras catering to new DSLR users. Featuring a grip that enables a firm hold, an optical viewfinder that allows the capture of fleeting moments, and a main dial for quick adjustments to settings, the EOS 3000D embodies classic EOS design philosophies. This is indeed one entry model that is poised to provide first-time DSLR camera users with an authentic DSLR shooting experience.

EOS 3000D hero image


All the essential functions you need to revel in the pleasures of photography

The EOS 3000D is equipped with the ample essential shooting functions that are a staple of EOS cameras. Fast autofocusing (AF) is easily achieved with the 9-point AF that features 1 cross-type AF point at centre. It is possible to capture sharp images of moving subjects even under low light conditions with wide ISO speed range of ISO 100 – 6400 (expandable to ISO 12800). The 18-megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor and the DIGIC imaging processor also ensure that the camera is capable of capturing images that have very little noise, well-reproduced colours, and rich gradations.


EOS 3000D front
EOS 3000D rear

The EOS 3000D has an abundance of shooting features, and beginners will be glad to know that it is also simple to use. Users can also shoot while looking at the image in the LCD monitor in Live View mode, just like how they would shoot on a compact camera or a smartphone.


Easily accessible preset modes and shooting functions

Even amid its abundance of shooting features, the EOS 3000D is easy to operate, with many preset modes and options that users can choose to create their intended effects. Whether they are shooting portraits, natural landscapes, sports or something else, all users need to do is to turn the mode dial located on the top of the camera to reach the appropriate Scene mode. There are also many Creative filter effects that can be applied to drastically change the look of a captured image, such as the Toy camera effect and Miniature effect. Another convenient mode is the new “Shoot by ambience” selection, where users can create an image with their intended ambience by simply choosing the setting that best describes the scene.

The movie shooting mode is also easily accessible. Users just need to turn the mode dial to the Movie Shooting mode, and press the movie shooting button on the rear of the camera body to start (and stop) shooting. The EOS 3000D can record video in Full HD 30p/25p, and comes with full-fledged movie shooting capabilities.


Smartphone compatibility with Wi-Fi

The EOS 3000D is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it easy to pair with smartphones for enhanced functionality. Through Canon’s Camera Connect app, available free of charge for both iOS and Android, you can use your paired smartphone to carry out remote shooting, or browse and save the images stored on your camera. You can also easily share the high-quality images on social media via your smartphone internet connection.

Portrait shot
Toy camera effect

With the EOS 3000D, you can easily achieve beautiful images with minimal camera operation with the aid of presets such as the Portrait mode. There are also many fun Creative filters and preset effects that you can try out, such as the Toy Camera effect.


EOS 3000D top


EOS 3000D right
EOS 3000D left

Packing the essential shooting features into its small body, the body design of the EOS 3000D holds its own even when compared to higher-end models.


Designed for the classic DSLR shooting experience

What truly characterises the EOS 3000D is how it offers the authentic DSLR shooting experience, exemplified by the optical viewfinder (OVF). The OVF provides approximately 95% coverage with approximately 0.8x magnification, enough for a clear view of subjects even when shooting outdoors. With all AF points supporting f/5.6 and the cross-type AF with centre AF point, the camera is capable of decisively capturing sharp images of subjects.

It is probably no exaggeration to say that the body design of the EOS 3000D has been optimised for viewfinder shooting. The shutter button and main dial have been placed to provide the user with maximum ease of operation while looking through the viewfinder and holding onto the grip. The buttons on the rear of the camera have also been concentrated on the right-hand side to ensure that they can be easily operated with the right thumb. The large size of the mode dial, which is located on the top of the camera, also makes it easy to operate. These design and layout factors serve to ensure that users can comfortably and easily reach and operate the necessary controls without having to take their eyes away from the viewfinder.


Dimensions and weight

Small in size with dimensions of 129×101.6×77.1mm, the EOS 3000D weighs approximately 436g (including battery and memory card), almost as light as a mirrorless camera. With such portability, one can imagine that users will be encouraged to carry it around, all the better for capturing even more photographic opportunities.

EOS 3000D rear buttons

Providing 95% coverage and 0.8x magnification, the optical viewfinder ensures that you can easily see subjects even when shooting outdoors. The buttons on the camera rear are concentrated on the right-hand side for ease of operation, even when you are holding on to the grip.


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