Classic Is Not Always the Case



Versatile fashion is classic! But hey, it doesn’t have to be! Classic is not always the case. Typically, versatile fashion is classic and simple. Yes! We all know that the more simplistic the pieces are the easier it will be to style them different ways. However, this isn’t always the case.

Just like what I wore in this #OOTD. I opted for less classic pieces. These are the pieces on the fashion radar. Maybe a lot have worn these same pieces already! But what is most important is that I can find multiple ways of wearing the items for my unique lifestyle. (eg. the top is actually a wrap blouse that can be worn in 3 different ways. The bag can also be worn in a rockstar ootd or with a girly look perfect for the sunny beach day. ) - See! So don’t shy away from novelty. As long as you can find multiple ways to wear it, it’s versatile. As long as it can fit your mood, your personality and all the seasons, it's versatile. OH SO VERSATILE!

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