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[Part 1] What are the photos that parents are glad they have taken?

In this article, I will introduce tips for taking keepsake photos of your child, as well as techniques for capturing the birth of your baby and their growth by month. Pay particular attention to the advice given by fathers and mothers who have taken hundreds of shots of their kids in the past (Written by: Camera Biyori Editorial Department, Sakura Komiyama, Mikiko Taguchi, Aya Nagaoka, Rika Yamazaki)

Commemorative shot with the naming card

Shino Chikura

Just a few days after the birth of my first daughter, my husband brought along a naming card he had created to the hospital, and took a photo with it placed beside our baby. For our second daughter, we did the same thing too in the ward. Although this was a spur-of-the-moment decision, we realised later that we would not have been able to encounter the same opportunity had we missed the moment. Placed side-by-side with our baby, the A5-size naming card forms an interesting comparison that brings out the tiny size of an infant.

[Tips] EOS 700D Camera Techniques

Disable the Beep setting

If a confirmation beep sound is output when focus is achieved or when the self-timer is activated, it may scare the baby. You are therefore advised to turn off the beep sound. To do so, set [Beep] under the [Shooting 1] tab to [Disable].

All set to capture the innocent look when the baby wakes up

Naoki Honjo

Just woke up from a nap and was playing alone, my kid crawled happily toward me when I showed up. Actually, I had the camera set up by the door in advance to capture her expression when she wakes up from her sleep. The reason is because I often tend to miss the right timing when I wanted to capture some casual moments. Besides commemorative shots, I also hope to keep a collection of such gestures and expressions of the child in our daily lives.

Simply adorable! Bath time with my baby daughter

Yoshinobu Ishikawa

This is a typical shot of a baby's bath time. I recommend that parents capture shots of the lovely skin tone during the infant stage. Some tips for doing so include opening up the bathroom door and window to let the steam escape so that your camera lens will not turn foggy. Also, placing the camera on the bathtub may cause moisture to enter and damage the camera, so get your family member to take the picture instead. This is one of my favourites taken by my wife. My daughter is simply adorable!

Tiny little new teeth


I took this shot when my first son started teething at about 10-months old. You can see tiny little teeth growing on both sides of the mouth. I opened my son's mouth with my hand as I said "open your mouth" to him. You can tell that he is smiling. It seems that children like being photographed, since the photographer is focusing his or her attention on the child during the process.

A "properly taken" bare-skin photo

Ai Hirano

I decorated my room with a naked photo of my baby son. I simply love the feel of the diapers and the chubby cheeks. This is also the first "serious" picture of my son that I took at home. I covered the bed in front of the white wall with a white bed sheet to create the ambience of a photo studio. I was glad I took this photo before he learned how to crawl. Otherwise, it would be a great challenge trying to get a blur-free shot.

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