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Photographers Get into Action at AFA Thailand 2016


Anime Festival Asia is a major event in various parts of Asia. Promoting awareness of Japan’s anime culture and fostering interaction among fans in various parts of Asia, the yearly festival was held in Thailand this year as well – we bring you a report from the venue filled with amateur photographers.


Bigger and better AFA Thailand!

Southeast Asia’s largest J-pop culture event, Anime Festival Asia (AFA), was held in Thailand. The 3-day event took place from 19 to 21 August 2016, and is in its second year. Rolled out at the Royal Paragon Hall in the heart of Bangkok, the event returns this year bigger and better after the success of the inaugural AFA Thailand 2015 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

Including a section for exhibition booths with corners for game demonstrations and tryouts, and booths retailing items such as character-themed merchandise, the massive venue had the AKIBA Stage front and centre in addition to an actual concert hall. It was abuzz with activity, welcoming many fans from opening day.

The Canon booth was highly anticipated and faced the AKIBA Stage. A space was created for attendees to take souvenir photos with cosplayers, and attendees started queuing up when they heard the announcements by beautifully-costumed staff cosplayers. After having their souvenir photos taken, attendees could get their photos printed with PIXMA printers right away and inserted into a souvenir holder ready for them to take home. This service was very well received, and the delight on the faces of attendees when they saw the finished products was unforgettable.

At the AKIBA Stage, artists gave talks and mini live performances, drawing large crowds that packed the area. Many gathered for a talk by Japan’s celebrity photographer Hajime Kamiiisaka, to hear about his experiences and pick up a tip or two from the professional photographer.

Attendees getting their photo taken with a beautiful cosplayer and the adorable Rilakkuma at the Canon booth.


After having their souvenir photos taken, attendees could get their photos printed with PIXMA printers right away and inserted into a souvenir holder ready for them to take home.


Japan’s celebrity photographer Hajime Kamiiisaka gives his professional perspective on photographing artists at live events.

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Interview with Celebrity Photographer Hajime Kamiiisaka (1): From Record Label Executive to Pro Photographer


Japanese artists performed at the live event “I Love Anisong” in the adjacent concert hall. Centred on popular anime songs, the event with all the works had live music and performances, attracting numerous fans.
At this live event, the Canon Photo Party programme started by Canon this year was also implemented. By registering in advance, fans could photograph their favourite artists live in action and keep the photos as a memento, a unique run of the programme at an event featuring Japanese artists. Participants could also rent the latest DSLRs to use and see the high image quality of EOS cameras for themselves.

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Come and Join the Canon Photo Party!


GARNiDELiA, a popular and talented top artist, charmed the audience at AFA Thailand 2016 with her performance, one of the highlights. Photographer: Hajime Kamiiisaka.


Those who registered for the Canon Photo Party programme could take photos of artists live in action during the song they selected. They could use the photos taken for personal purposes such as posts on social media. Photographer: Hajime Kamiiisaka.


A new friendship is born between cosplay and cameras

Cosplay photography is hugely popular in various parts of Asia and Bangkok in Thailand was no exception. The venue for AFA Thailand 2016 played host to waves of cosplayers in one-of-a-kind costumes and amateur photographers with a love for the art. Attendees were engaged in discussion and struck their best poses in front of the camera, mainly gathering at the Cosplay Area next to the Canon booth. As they showed one another their photos and exchanged laughs, they strengthened their bonds. Let’s meet some of the passionate photographers at AFA Thailand 2016.


Capturing the passion of cosplayers

EOS 550D/ FL: 50mm/ Manual (f/2.8, 1/60 sec.)/ ISO 800/ WB: Auto
Photo by Tananchai Jomsunee

Tananchai Jomsunee says he wants to capture the unique charm and passion of each cosplayer. He likes his EOS 550D because its high performance is good value for money.


Photographing the confidence and enjoyment of cosplayers

EOS 500D/ FL: 50mm/ Manual (f/1.8, 1/100 sec., EV-0.7)/ ISO 800/ WB: Auto
Photo by Thitirach Kritsanapank

Thitirach Kritsanapank says he enjoys talking to his friends about photography. He wants to capture the confidence and enjoyment of cosplayers, and uses the EOS 500D because of the shutter experience and nice colours captured.


Capturing true-to-life photos

EOS 600D/ FL: 48mm/ Manual (f/5.6, 1/30 sec.)/ ISO 800/ WB: Auto
Photo by Sirinya Boonratchada

Sirinya Boonratchada came with her partner. She likes the EOS 600D because she can capture true-to-life photos.


Taking more and more styles of photos

EOS 6D/ FL: 50mm/ Manual (f/1.8, 1/160 sec.)/ ISO 160/ WB: Auto
Photo by Vasupol Tongpitak

Vasupol Tongpitak came to take photos of his friend who is a cosplayer. He says he is interested in cosplay photography because it allows him to take more and more styles of photos. He likes his camera for its depictive performance.


Capturing the beauty of the intricate designs

EOS 60D/ FL: 70mm/ Manual (f/2.8, 1/125 sec.)/ ISO 500/ WB: Manual
Photo by Apinan Phinsuwan

Apinan Phinsuwan takes photos with an EF70-200m f/2.8L IS II USM on an APS-C camera. He finds that cosplayers are attractive subjects because of the beauty of their intricate costumes. He likes the EOS 60D because it can capture vivid and nice colours, and he can easily get photos just like he wants.


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