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5 Reasons to Love the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 Compact Photo Printer

On 13 February 2020, Canon announced a new SELPHY compact photo printer model. As small as a postcard and equipped with a built-in battery, the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 promises high-quality prints of photos anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether they were shot on a smartphone or dedicated camera. Here are five reasons why it makes the perfect lifestyle companion.

Pink photo printer with smartphone and photo prints

This may be the digital age, but photo prints are still very much alive. Whether it’s that group photo taken at a special event with a heartfelt message written on it, the family photos that brighten up your office desk, or vacation snapshots decorating your travel scrapbook, printing a photo somehow makes it feel more unique, meaningful and everlasting. 

A compact photo printer like the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 makes creating high-quality prints easy, convenient and extremely affordable, regardless of whether you shot with your smartphone or your brand new DSLR/mirrorless camera. Here are five key features that make the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 an excellent lifestyle companion.


#1: Its unique printing method results in beautiful, high-quality images

There are many different compact photo printers in the market that allow you to print easily, but your choices can be quite limited if you are particular about image quality. Image quality, in turn, is related to the printing method.

Just like other SELPHY printers, the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 prints via dye-sublimation thermal transfer, where ink film is heated until it vaporises into gas. Ink density can be adjusted by temperature, which allows better expression of different shades of colour, achieving smoother colour gradations with no graininess. This not only ensures clear, beautiful skin tones in portraits, but also faithful depictions of tones and gradations in the sky, clouds, and natural landscapes.

White SELPHY SQUARE QX10 printing image


#2: The compact, portable and stylish design

Printers that use the dye-sublimation thermal transfer printing method tend to be bulky, but at 102.2×143.3×31.0mm and weighing only around 445g*, the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 fits easily into a shoulder bag, which makes it easy to carry around. With a minimalistic, stylish design that includes a high-quality embossed texture, it is available in three colours (pink, white and black)** so that you can choose the one that best fits your own unique style. It runs on a USB-rechargeable built-in battery, which means that you can power it with a power bank^ if you run out of battery while on the go.

*Excluding ink cassette/label paper
**Availability depends on region.
^Compatible with 5.0V 1.0A output. 

SELPHY SQUARE QX10 in white, pink and black


Did you know: The SELPHY SQUARE QX10 is also environmentally- friendly!

It uses the XS-20L integrated colour ink cartridge/sticker label set developed for it. This is not only designed to minimise waste after use, it also contains no metal, making it easier to recycle.


#3: It creates photos that stay beautiful for up to 100 years*

Let’s be honest—all photo prints eventually start to fade due to a combination of exposure to heat, air and humidity. Photos printed on the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 are covered by a special transparent overcoating finish at the end of the printing process, which not only gives the print a glossy appearance but also protects it from oil, water, light and gas, preventing it from deterioration. When stored in an album, these prints will stay beautiful for up to 100 years*, so that even your grandchildren will be able to admire them.

* When stored in an album. This album storage lifespan is a predicted value calculated according to the indoor heat resistance test method and life evaluation criteria of the Digital Color Photo Print Stability Evaluation (JEITA CP-3901) standard published by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association).


#4: 2-in-1 paper that lets you turn your photo prints into stickers

The paper used by the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 is sturdy like a normal photo print, ideal for slotting into an album or giving to friends and family. But peel off the backing sheet and it instantly turns into a sticker, convenient for sticking in scrapbooks, decorating gifts, and personalising special items. How’s that for making the most of your photos?

Examples of print photo projects

Fun factThe beauty of the 1:1 aspect ratio

The SELPHY SQUARE QX10 prints 65×65mm square format images by default (maximum: 68×68mm). Most of us are familiar with this format as it is widely-used on Instagram. However, did you know that this aspect ratio makes it super easy to achieve simple yet flattering photos of just about anything?

Click here to learn more about how to make the best of different aspect ratios

P.S: The square format printing leaves some extra space on the 72×85mm label paper—just enough to write a caption or message!


#5: Easy image processing and layout—just use your smartphone!

Think your photos need a bit of “dressing up” before you print them? The free SELPHY Photo Layout 2.0 smartphone app lets you process images, decorate them, and customise their layout before you hit “Print”. Creative tools include:

  • -10 layout types (including various 2-, 3- and 4-image layouts)
  • -9 filters
  • -10 stamps
  • -6 overcoating types
  • -10 frame types
  • -Paint function
  • -Text input

Decorating images before printing using SELPHY Photo Layout 2.0 smartphone app

Setting up is easy. Simply:

1. Download the app.
2. Launch it and follow the instructions.
3. Scan the QR code on the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 to pair it with your smartphone

No settings are required for subsequent connections—you can enjoy printing immediately!


In summary

Astoundingly portable and convenient, the SELPHY SQUARE QX10 allows you to print photos on the spot anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. The dye-sublimation thermal transfer print method ensures high-quality images, perfect for those who want prints that do their cameras justice. So if you think it's time to fill your life (and empty spaces) with more colour and happy memories, look no further—you've found the perfect companion!


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