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5 Things to Tell Your Wedding Photographer Before Your Big Day


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and your photographer is the one to help make lasting memories of you as newlyweds, your happy guests, and all the festivities of that day. Don’t leave it to chance: Here are 5 things to discuss with your wedding photographer before the Big Day arrives.

Tip for wedding photographers: These 5 things are also what you’d need to ask your clients beforehand to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience on their wedding day.

1. Share your love story

This is the first step to getting your dream wedding photos. Open up to your photographer about you and your partner. This helps him or her get to know the two of you better, understand your needs and preferences as a couple, and improve the wedding day experience. After all, a relaxed couple will reflect a more beautiful couple in their wedding photos. 

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2. Talk about your wedding theme

Depending on the theme you’ve chosen, your photographer can then visualise and plan the types of shots to take. If Secret Garden is your theme, they can plan for dreamy shots, or use creative framing such as archways created by trees or bushes to add interest and flair to the photos.

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3. Go through the shot list

Expand the shot list to include more than just you and your guests. Ask your photographer to take photos of all the little details at your wedding; from a delicate boutonnière on the groom’s jacket to the favours which you made yourself, and your guests having fun at the reception. If there’s a particular photo that you really want, discuss it with your photographer.

Conversely, there might be certain parts of your wedding you’d rather not get captured. Inform your photographer so they know when to avoid them. At the same time, trust your photographer to get it right.

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4. Discuss shoot locations

Tell your photographer if you have specific locations in mind for them to capture, for example, underneath a gorgeous tree, in the middle of a field or walking down a candle-lit aisle. This enables them to plan and be prepared for these shots, especially when it comes to lighting adjustments.

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5. Set your expectations

Share with your photographer the most important things they need to know. Inform your photographer what they should wear at the event and have a wedding timeline to ensure they can capture all of the special moments and reduce unnecessary stress. This includes setting aside time for those intimate bride-and-groom photos.

It’s also helpful to provide a point of contact on your wedding day. Here’s where your best man or bride’s maid comes into play! That’s because he or she should be someone who knows you and your families, can direct people when necessary, and would be able to help the photographer get anything he or she needs.

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