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[Babies Part 1] Let’s Capture Some Cute Gestures

Certain gestures and expressions that babies make have a special kind of cuteness that only apply at that particular phase of their lives. You'll want to take lots of pictures to  preserve these precious childhood memories. Here, I will talk about how to capture even more adorable pictures of a baby's gestures. (Edited by: Camera Biyori, Photos by: Shino Chikura)

Take a brighter shot to bring out the cuteness in the picture

Babies make a variety of gestures such as when they open their little mouths widely as they yawn or when they burp after drinking milk. How should you capture such adorable moments? Here's a tip—the trick is to use exposure compensation to take a brighter photo. I recommend this as it will serve to accentuate the soft feel of the baby.

[Tips for photographing babies]

1. Shoot in a place with natural light

When taking pictures of a baby, it would be good idea to take the picture in a place with natural light. The colour and texture of the baby’s delicate skin will also be beautifully depicted, accentuating the baby’s cuteness.

2. Be familiar with the baby’s behaviour

The key to capturing a baby’s forms and expressions, and of course his gestures and unique cuteness, lies in careful observation. Look carefully and shoot at the right moment.

3. Keep your camera handy

Expressions and movements happen in an instant. In order not to miss out on any photo opportunities, it is also important to keep the camera nearby so you can reach for it right away.

Operating Mode

Program AE

In this mode, the camera automatically determines the aperture and shutter speed to match the subject. Since you can use the exposure compensation function , this mode is suitable for changing the brightness to what you desire.

"A Small Tongue Sticking Out"

[Shooting Conditions]
Shooting location (weather): Indoors (cloudy)
Lighting condition: Backlight shining in from behind the subjects
Exposure compensation: Approximately +2

A frame among the many shots that I took of a baby being coaxed by her sister. Since there was backlight, I took care not to let the baby appear too dark. Of the many shots I took while I lay sprawled together with them, one of them turned out to be of the baby mischievously sticking out her tongue!

“Adorable Yawn”

[Shooting Conditions]
Shooting location (weather): Indoors (cloudy)
Lighting condition: Indoor lighting
Exposure compensation: Approximately +2

This photo of a baby yawning was taken less than a week after the baby was born. I focused on the lips of the baby’s cute, little mouth which opened all the way as she yawned. The face was placed in a vertical position covering the whole screen so that the entire expression could be captured clearly.

[POINT] Use positive exposure compensation for a brighter picture!

Adjust the exposure using the dial or buttons marked with “+/ -” as shown in the picture. With “+ [Positive]” compensation, the picture becomes brighter and with “- [Negative]” compensation, the picture becomes darker. I recommend using “+ [Positive]” compensation when photographing babies as the image will appear softer.

Shino Chikura

Photographer and mother of two girls, one aged 4 and the other, a 1-year-old. After graduating from university, she went to Germany to study under Andre Rival and Ulrike Schamoni before going independent.

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