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CANON x SCANDAL: The FIRST EVER Canon Photo Party!


4th June 2016 was a Saturday that many fans of the girl band SCANDAL will forever remember. This was the day this four-girl band, formed by HARUNA (Vocal & Guitar), MAMI (Guitar & Vocals), TOMOMI (Bass & Vocal), RINA (Drums & Vocals) rocked The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore, Resorts World™ Sentosa hard with their music and passion, as part of their 41-show tour, SCANDAL TOUR 2016 “YELLOW”.


The Concert

Photo by finalist Boris Kuek

They drove the almost thousand strong crowd into a frenzy with their live performances of songs including the popular fan favourites “Kagerou”, “Love Me Do”, “SCANDAL BABY”, and the ever empowering “Sisters”. SCANDAL performed an impressive 17-song set list in the span of the two-hour concert, including two songs for their encore performance.


Photo by Kenneth Lim. Shot with EOS 5D Mark III, 1/160 sec, f/4, ISO 6400, 16mm


Photo by Kenneth Lim. Shot with EOS-1D X Mark II, 1/1250 sec, f/2.8, ISO 4000, 70mm

The energy never died. This was despite the fact that member Mami, the band’s guitarist, had only recently recovered from the poor health that had seen 2 of their previous live concerts postponed.


Canon Photo Party

However, that is not the only thing that made the concert memorable. SCANDAL TOUR 2016 “YELLOW” in Singapore was also the first event to feature the Canon Photo Party, a campaign supported by Canon, which allows photographers to take photos for the duration of one song at the concert.

This was a chance for the photographers to create everlasting memories of the band they were so ever passionate about. Given SCANDAL’s active and cheerful profile, it was no wonder that the band’s concert was the first to host the first Canon Photo Party.

As with always, no limitation was placed on the model of the camera allowed. In the short one-week registration period, over a hundred signups were collected, with a certain buzz of excitement going around.

But which song would it be?


A hundred successful applicants to the Canon Photo Pass received a circle sticker that identified them as the privileged group permitted to take those precious shots. Their time started after a personal invitation by band member Haruna, who announced:

“Next, this is a song for Canon Photo Party… but for one song only right? Please enjoy LOVE ME DO.”

 And with that, the photographers could finally start firing away!

The photos by fans, powered by passion!

A contest was conducted shortly after the concert. Below, we present the ten shortlisted photos, which were then sent to SCANDAL for them to choose the winner.


Photos by Boris Kuek

“Great lighting and position for close-up shots and achieving a wide angle view of the whole band.”


Photo by Chew Jie Rui

“My vision for the photos was to display SCANDAL in the spotlight they deserve.”


Photo by Emerson Yang



Photo by Hoe Lian Hui

“I'm a big fan of Mami and the photos are taken from her side.”


Photo by Ian Quek

“Photos were taken in RAW format and post-processed using Adobe Lightroom.”



Photos by Leo Jian Hui

“Taken from the front row, between HARUNA and MAMI, using a Canon EOS 6D with 24-105mm zoom lenses.”


Photo by Tan Beng Hin

“Went to [their gig at] Namba Hatch Osaka on 20 May, but Mami wasn’t well. I was lucky to get these photos!”


And the winner is, 

Photo by Daniel Ho

“No concert picture is complete without the audience being in the shot!”


SCANDAL seems to fully agree with Daniel’s comment. Their comment on this photo was as follows:
“This point of view was possible because it was shot through the audiences’ raised hands from their side. The picture is beautiful! We can feel the excitement of our live performance from within this photo; it’s so cool!”

Indeed, Daniel’s winning photo managed to capture the passion of the crowd along with SCANDAL’s concert. Congratulations! 

The winning photo as well as the rest of the shortlisted pictures will be touring with Anime Festival Asia 2016, and will be displayed at the Canon experience zone within the Festival grounds. A promotional video, which was also shot during the concert using the EOS 80D, will also be exhibited.

AFA16 will be held in Bangkok (August), Jakarta (September), and Singapore (November). 

Here's a video showcasing highlights from the concert, shot entirely on EOS 80D:


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