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Change the Frame, Change the Story

A picture paints a thousand words, but the message it paints is in the hands of the painter - or in this case, the photographer.

Screenshot of Nicky Case's game.

Game creator and animator Nicky Case has designed a game that illustrates just that. The game shows how photographs only depict a fraction of a bigger picture. In this way, photographs can be used to display a narrative as you choose to tell it.

Though still in production, the game has drawn positive attention from the masses - a related image shared on Twitter by Case saw 3,000 retweets in just a few hours.

Case was inspired by the protests in Ferguson, Missouri with the idea of expressing the concept of "how you frame the story, will change the story."

It's something the everyday photographer would find useful, even if you aren't looking to snap photos of the latest protests in your city. For instance, by framing a photograph, you can narrate a story about, say, your life on social media, or for your latest photo series in a way you choose to portray your subject.

How you frame the story will change the story.

At the same time, it brings up the issue of ethical photography, and prompts fellow photographers to think about how photographs may create an illusion that borders on untruths.

Do we want to take photographs to placate our subject? Are we taking photographs to gain likes and shares on social media? Or do we snap photos to capture the essence of the truth? That's something to ponder on!

Watch the full video here:

Text referenced from PetaPixel & The Atlantic

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