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Guide to Planning a Family Vacation as a Photographer


As a family, vacation time is one of the most important events to experience. As a photographer, going overseas and fulfilling your wanderlust means getting to explore new locations and discovering plenty of photo opportunities. How can you juggle between making your family a priority while getting to fulfill your photography needs? Find out with our useful infographic.

Guide to Planning a Family Vacation as a Photographer - infographic

1. Research locations in advance

Plan ahead on the places to visit by looking for information online or asking in photography forums. Similar to how you would prepare a shot list before a shoot, knowing where to go gives you and your family peace of mind. For example, nature parks provide wide open spaces for your kids to roam around. And when they are happy, you can relax and explore the best angles for your photos.

2. Travel light

Be practical and opt for minimum gear that lets you shoot various types of photos while still being able to have fun with the kids. Sleek and compact, the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS is equipped with high-speed continuous shooting function to help you capture sharp and candid photos of your kids. It’s also the first PowerShot camera with Auto Lighting Optimizer to help reduce overexposure and retain tonal contrasts, even in bright areas, so you can shoot both day and night.

3. Set aside “me” time with your camera

As photography tends to be a solitary experience, you’re likely to take your own time to capture photos. Head out early in the morning or later in the day to take advantage of the best light. We suggest spending an hour with your camera doing your own thing, then ensure the rest of your time is dedicated to your family.

4. Engage with your family

Pass your old camera to your kids so they get to play photographer. Always encourage their efforts; they’ll be more invested in the process and you might even help to nurture their budding photography skills! It’s also a good idea to get yourself in the photos. Set your camera on a tripod, use the Canon Camera Connect App and adjust your camera’s most frequently used settings depending on the surrounding conditions, without manually adjusting it on your camera. Check that everyone is in position before you tap the shutter button.

5. Make memories, not only pictures

Does the feeling of being on a holiday and visiting new places make you want to take photos of everything you see? We’d actually recommend putting your camera away during midday hours, when the light is the harshest and most unflattering, to give your family the attention they deserve.

6. Know your camera settings

Letting your spouse and kids wait around restlessly while you adjust your camera’s setting can be frustrating for them. Plan your shot list and adjusting your settings according to your location. For instance, if you’re taking portraits of your kids, set to aperture-priority mode to create a bokeh effect, which helps you capture a softer image of your kids’ faces while keeping the background nice and blurred.

7. Focus on taking photos of your loved ones

The end of a long day holds more promise than you might think. Capture those quiet moments of your family – when your kids are playing with their soft toys, or interactions during dinner. You’ll get to showcase a softer, more intimate side to your family and achieve amazing shots you didn’t expect but will cherish forever.


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