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How to Take Creative Party Photos using Your Camera's Continuous Shooting Mode


What happens in the party, stays in the party... as well as the images taken at the time. From capturing human expressions to beautifying the images with post-edit effects, make better memories with these 4 unique ways to capture creative party photos (from baby showers to club parties) with your camera’s Continuous Shooting mode!

To summarise, always be sure to obtain permissions before commencing any party photoshoots, decide on a theme (if you’re the host) and get everyone comfortable with surprise candid shots. Use Continuous Shooting mode to capture human expressions (especially when one is doing a party trick) to add emotions to the image, to create gifs for the party activities like the cake-in-the-face moment, unique static movement shots that work for the levitation effect, or for post-edits to add text or emojis to the static image-created gifs!

And though the above-listed ways can help amp up your party photos, there are still basic photography rules you’ll need to follow. One of such is the composition rules (Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio), while lines and patterns add layers to your photographs by creating contrast between the subject and the environment. Additionally, here’s a useful guide on flash photography that can come in handy for night parties, clubs or even for an over-exposed polaroid effect.

Download a copy of this infographic here.

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