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[June 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Products Review”


It's always exciting to know more about photography tools. In our "Products Review" Category Ranking for June, let's find out what makes the HDR mode of the EOS 5D Mark III so attractive. Also, don't miss out our article on the EF Lens Simulator, which offers you a platform to compare between an extensive range of EF lenses, this unique application is definitely a must-have on your mobile devices! As for lens enthusiasts, delight yourselves with the various lens reviews on the list. There is always something for everyone here.

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Can't seem to fit an entire subject into your shots? You need a wide-angle zoom lens. Through an expanded scope of view, it can not only capture large subjects and vast landscapes, but also deliver impactful images. Explore the different effects a wide-angle lens can bring now.

Curious about light painting? Then let's join George Evans in this Pro-tips video as he offers step-by-step instructions to draw the night away with sparklers and LED lights on the Powershot S110. It's amazingly easy. Learn more here!

Ensuring your screen colours stay true to the printed ones is not hard at all. Just by maintaining an ambient light and changing your display settings alongside some minor tweaks, calibrating your monitor is that easy! You can even choose the Color Management Tool Pro software to further calibrate your monitor. Read more here.

Despite his constant achievements, photography to landscape and macro specialist, Yeo Wee Han, is always a great learning journey. Years into the industry, he has drawn up several interesting conclusions about photo-shooting. Don't miss this interview as he shares with us his experiences, camera kit, and tips for fellow photographers. Read more here.