Unlock your talent
with rapid-fire mirrorless

Introducing the 32.5MP compact and lightweight APS-C sensor mirrorless camera – EOS M6 Mark II, about one-third the size of a mid-range DSLR.

Ergonomically designed with operation buttons and dials alike high-end DSLR models, the EOS M6 Mark II is a match made in heaven for zealous amateurs who are looking to step up their photography game. Engineered with Canon’s latest image processor, DIGIC 8, the EOS M6 Mark II is power packed with all high-performance features you’ll need to propel further – 14 fps, 5,481 AF positions, smooth AF tracking and many more.


Versatile For All Occasions Never miss out on any of life’s moments – both spontaneous and planned, with the EOS M6 Mark II. This ability to shoot a wide range of expressions makes the EOS M6 Mark II not just a handy companion in your everyday photography, but also must-have accessory for your vacations.


The EOS M6 Mark II is powered by Canon’s latest image processor, DIGIC 8. Experience smooth tracking, superior image resolution and accurate colour reproduction on the EOS M6 Mark II.

High Quality Images

Eye Detection AF

Say hello to beautiful and crisp candid expressions with Eye Detection AF. When photographing your subjects with a shallow depth of field, Eye Detection AF can be enabled to ensure that your subject's eye are always in focus even when your subject may be moving. Eye Detection AF is supported in both Servo AF and Movie Servo AF mode.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF

The EOS M6 Mark II is equipped with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, Canon’s unique technology, allowing auto focusing and tracking with this camera to be smooth and fast when shooting in Live View mode.

Touch & Drag AF

When shooting through the removable electronic viewfinder (EVF), focus on your target subject can be easily changed from one to another without having to move your eye away from the EVF. Simply touch on the current focus and drag it towards the desired area of focus.


Designed with advanced amateur photographers in mind, the EOS M6 Mark II has modes, operation buttons, dials and levers that are similar to higher-end DSLR models yet easy-to- use.

Excellent Movie Shooting Functionality

Record superb 4K 30p videos with 0 crop factor. With a wide-angle lens attached, a full view of the beautiful scenery can be expressed in totality. And when subject is best expressed in slow motion, simply switch to a higher frame rate of 120p/100p* in Full HD mode.

*119.88 fps (NTSC) / 100.00 fps (PAL). The angle of view becomes narrower.


Turn on Wi-Fi, turn on a world of convenience. Wirelessly connect your camera and smart device to conveniently perform remote tasks via the Camera Connect app such as:
- Shooting
- Photo transfer to phone
- Simultaneous photo transfer during a photoshoot
- Remote operation to view your photos and playback your 4K video recording


Start sharing your photos the moment you start shooting. Connectivity is key in an everyday camera, and the EOS M6 Mark II has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to upload photos and videos directly to your compatible smartphone to post on social networks, without involving a computer.