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[Part 4] Story of PowerShot G1 X Mark II – Design


Part 4 of the PowerShot G1 X Mark II Developer's Interview will feature "Design". Read about the design concept and the operability of this super-high performance model. The PowerShot G1 X Mark II is the flagship model of the PowerShot G series which is packed with Canon's latest cutting-edge technology. In this series article, the Developers of this model shares with us the challenges they faced when bringing this model to completion.

(from left)
Yuji Kondoh, Canon Design Center, Products Design Div. 1, Senior Staff Manager / Miyabi Orihashi, Canon Design Center, Products Design Div. 1

Appearance and performance befitting a "new G".

― What are the design concepts of the G1 X Mark II?

Orihashi The G series up until now were the high-end models of the PowerShot series, with suitable quality and texture, and pursuit for operability. However, with the G1 X Mark II this time, as there is a desire to have new users use and enjoy it, while inheriting the tradition of the G series, we also aimed to create a more refined image. The overall may looked as though it is quite simple, but we are not just aiming for a simple design. Emphasis was also placed on giving the lens presence as it is the feature, as well as extreme precision, giving the design some variety. I think that the overall appearance achieves a design that you can sufficiently feel the potential of the new G1 X.

Kondoh Recently, it is a trend to desire classic things as one aspect of design in premium compact cameras. However, for the new flagship model that Canon is creating, we wanted to distance ourselves from that kind of trend. As a result, it is not pretentious, and it also does not look like a so-called compact camera, I believe it achieves a great balance where traditional portions and newness coexist.

Some prototype mockups. Each ring width and knurled pattern is slightly different.

― What points did you pursue in terms of operability?

Orihashi Based on an ergonomic perspective, strong emphasis was placed on operability. In particular, pursuit was made for the optimum operability and material quality of the Dual Control Rings included for the first time. For example, the click ring has a wide knurled pattern for users to grip the base of the lens and rotate it firmly. Also, when operating the smooth ring at the front, only the front edge is engraved with the knurled pattern, with a space between the rings so you do not move the back ring by accident. By making adjustments with understanding of such detailed sensory parts, countless prototypes were made. The feeling when rotated, and the feel of the engraved knurled pattern was repeated with prototypes, and the best of each were then selected. Up until now, this is the first time so many prototypes were repeated during development.

Kondoh With this camera, pursuit was made for controls that would let you concentrate on putting all your effort into shooting. Making setting changes with the right hand holding the camera is difficult, so if you can operate with the free left hand, it is possible to instantly change the desired shooting settings and parameters, and you will be able to quickly deal with photo opportunities. The dual control rings are controls that came about from this context. Particular consideration was made for the effectiveness of the optional EVF that can be connected to the camera, and a lot of effort was invested.
The shutter release button as well is slightly tilted forward to obtain a more sensory feel, and for the layout details of buttons on the back as well, mockups were remade many times and repeatedly inspected.

― An interesting aspect is that the grip can be customized.

Orihashi As we wanted to make a camera that would be acceptable to many users, this feature makes it possible for users to match their taste and style by selecting the grip. I believe that this will allow users to experience a new appeal that did not exist up until now. As it was designed with awareness of newness that did not exist in the G series before, I would like young users to enjoy using this camera as well.

Kondoh As well as having a wide range of shooting, it achieves a design that suits a variety of scenes and a wide range of users. I would really like people to appreciate it visually, touch it, enjoy it, and use it to the utmost.

PowerShot G1 X Mark II

Lens max. aperture: f/2.0 (W) - f/3.9 (T)
Lens focal length: 24mm (W) - 120mm (T)*1
Min. focusing distance: 5cm
Image sensor type: 1.5" COMS sensor *2
Image processor: DIGIC 6

*1 35 mm film equivalent
*2 Total pixels : Approx. 15.0 Megapixels, effective pixels : Approx. 12.8 Megapixels(3:2)

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