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Sports Photography: An Equipment Guide


Nothing comes close to the adrenaline rush of sports photography. And with the 2018 Asian Games scheduled to be held in Indonesia this August, there’s no better time to equip yourself with understanding the basic equipment to help you capture action-packed sports photos. Find out more with our handy infographic.

sports photography equipment guide

1. Camera

Sports photography requires a good camera to help you capture dramatic images that will last a lifetime. Equipped with beginner-friendly features, the EOS 1500D has a large APS-C size CMOS sensor and DIGIC image processor to produce sharp images with rich tonal gradations.

2. Telephoto Lens

Capture the unpredictability of sporting action from a distance with the new EF70-200mm f/4L IS II USM lens. This lightweight and compact telephoto lens features 5-stop improved image stabilisation and Panning mode, whereby the camera automatically sets the optimum shutter speed and the IS system stabilises subject blur for crisp sports photos.

3. Fast Memory Cards

Look for cards with read and write speeds of at least 90MB/s to help you nail those dramatic sports photos, especially in continuous shooting mode. Sports photographers also prefer shooting in JPEG as this means a smaller file size that processes in your camera faster to capture more continuous shots. Don’t forget to bring along a few extra cards, just in case the one you have runs out of space.  

4. Batteries & Battery Charger

Always be prepared for any contingencies by ensuring your batteries are fully charged. The last thing you’d want is to miss that peak sports moment because you ran out of batteries.

5. Camera Strap

As sports photography may require you to be on the move, protecting your camera with a strap prevents it from dropping. Whether you sling it around your neck or waist, a strap keeps it close to your body.

6. Lens Cleaner Kit 

Exposing your lens to nature’s elements such as rain and dust can get in the way of capturing that dramatic sports moment. Keep your lens clean and spotless with a lens cleaner kit because even a dust speck could blemish your sports photos.

7. Monopod

Take the weight off your arms from carrying a long focal length lens for hours with a monopod. With only one leg to set up (instead of a tripod’s usual 3), it also gives you versatility in movement and enables panning, a shooting technique that follows a moving subject and captures it in action.

8. Rain Cover and Bag

Protecting your gear might be the difference between getting your shots or missing them to seek shelter. Invest in a rain cover designed to shield cameras and lenses from water and dust. Pack your gear in a quality bag that not only keeps them well-protected, it lets you access your camera easily and supports your back.


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Go ahead and download a copy of this infographic here.


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