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Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Pet's Instagram


Do you plan to create an Instagram page just for your pet? Whether it is a cat, hamster or bird, there are many ways to make your pet photos more interesting and engaging. Set up props, dress your pet up or get in photo with them, use these tips to help you create photos perfect for the Instagram audience.

How to Take Adorable Photos of Your Pet for Instagram infographics

Your pet and its minions

This trick is a fun one – make sure that you have several stuffed toys that resemble a similar look to your pet, and take a group shot with all of them in it. It’s like Where’s Wally but a cute animal version. By asking your followers to spot the real pet, this increases your engagement rate on Instagram and helps you get more “likes”.

Be in the photo with your pet

There is no reason why you, as your pet’s owner, should not be in the photo. Take advantage of this relationship and pose with your pet – hold it, let it nestle in your arm, give it a kiss… make sure that you show off that connection you have with it.

Dress up your pet

Dressing up your pet can be a little challenging but it is going to look fantastic on photos. Firstly, ensure that your pet is comfortable with you dressing it up and be gentle with it. Secondly, start with smaller accessories such as a mini bow tie and then gradually move on to clothes, hats and other items. In this way, you will have a full collection in no time.

Like parent like baby

If your pet has just given birth to a baby, then you are in luck. Make use of this opportunity to do a parent-baby photoshoot by pairing them up. It could be a kitten and its mum, or a baby hamster and its dad. Check out the article Cat Photography: Catchlights and Other Tips for Lively, Adorable Kitten Portraits to better your cat photography. Alternatively, you can pair it with another pet (even your friend’s) for a quirky photoshoot!

Make them big

Give your viewers an illusion of a gigantic pet by using miniature structures or props. The change in perspective gives your pet a different personality – think Godzilla or Ultraman and the tiny buildings they so easily destroy. We suggest using a hamster, baby tortoise or a kitten for this type of photoshoot, coupled with the camera’s 180-degree tilt screen for low angle shots.

Create more with PowerShot SX740 HS

The pocket-sized and lightweight camera boasts a 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor for finer details in your photo even when you crop it. In addition, it comes with a 40x optical zoom and 4K movie resolution for the ultimate photo-taking and videography experience. Capture your pet’s every movement with the camera’s 10-frame-per-second continuous shooting and try different angles with its 180-degree flip up LCD screen.

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