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Childhood and Friendship.

By fakharry

Canon EOS 6D






f 1.4

Shutter Speed


Exposure Compensation

0.66666666666667 EV

Whatever we do, no matter how much we all succeed in our lives but we all can never disagree about the cherished memories we all have gone through in our childhood. I was once wandering in old city area in Lahore when I saw these two young souls playing with each other. On my small request for an image these two lads got excited and staring cheering with each other as if they just won some kind of lottery. Indeed childhood is a blessing of its own. How many of you remember these moments from your childhood? Captured from canon 6d


I am Self taught black and white photographer who aims to showcase different side of story. Photography for me is not just an art it's more like passing of the torch from one generation to the next because every single thing we capture today from any medium becomes a part of history. Relating an art through shadows, highlights and textures is not an easy task especially when we are living in a colorful world full of colorful minds. I may have flaws but I have the will and that's what matters the most!