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A Christmas Breakfast

By jorem2100





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Christmas of 2018, I decided to try my new lens. I walked around, enjoying my new lens. I was happy and excited at the same time to do this, since this will be my first time doing photo walk on my own. I decided to do this since it is Christmas time, and most people are at home, so less people on the street during this time. I'm about to go home, when I spotted this mother and child on the stairway. I don't always see them here, but I think this is where they stay everyday and spent time to ask passers by for some change. At first, I just wanted to take a photo of the stairs, not so much minding them on the side. Then I noticed something, they are also eatimg during this time. Now I don't mind if see them eat, however, I cannot just ignore that I'm abou to go home and spend Christmas amd eat a full meal from the "Noche Buena" from last night. It is sad to see the difference between our worlds. Somehow I noticed that they are eatimg Jollibee(a famous fast food chain, that almost every Filipino love, especially children). I know it is not much, but seeing their condition, I know the mother atleast, wanted to give something for her child, that she knows will make her child happy. Seeing her child enjoy something that most kids enjoy eating. I tried to control my emotion as much as possible, putting myself in their situation, as a mother, who will give anything for her child to enjoy something during this holiday season. Though, this might be not my best shot, but for me this photo reminds me how lucky I am and moat of the people, and be thankful for what I have, though I always forget this, but everytime I look this picture, atleast it reminds me to be thankful and appreciate even small things I have.


I'm a beginner/enthusiast that loves to capture moments because, every picture tells a different story, and these pictures tells us something about us, about our story.