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Portrait of an Asiatic Elephant

By swaroop.singha roy_3924





f 3.5

Shutter Speed

1/400 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

This is one of my favorite photographs from the wild. I took this back in 2012 with a Canon SX 240HS Point and Shoot Camera, during my trip to Simlipal National Park, India. It was a secondary camera for my Canon 1000D (my first DSLR). The journey since then has been quite exciting, I've been able to develop and learn a lot through all the experiences. This image helped me achieve a few international and national exposure as got published in many magazines, exhibitions and people from all around the world appreciated it.

swaroop.singha roy_3924

I am a photography enthusiast from Kolkata, India. Wildlife and nature photography is what I am more inclined towards but I love exploring the other genres of photography as well - specially street, travel and portraits.

swaroop.singha roy_3924

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