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'Double Exposure' in a single click

By magee.mahesh

EF-S10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM




f 5.6

Shutter Speed

1/200 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

We guys were enjoying our tour to Ladakh for the very first time & i shot this in turtuk. Turtuk is the last Indian outpost before Pakistan in Ladakh and the Northernmost villages in India & Turtuk is at the other end of a time machine travelling into a totally different age.I was roaming around this beautiful village exploring the beauty of turtuk where this baby smiled at me & i could see both the baby through the mirror & landscape behind me on the mirror.So,I adjusted myself to get my shadow right on the baby to get a proper double exposure in a single click & im really happy with the result.


I'm a Nature lover who loves to Travel,Explore & Photograph places with friends & my camera.