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[8th Dec. – 14th Dec. 2013] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking


At SNAPSHOT, we curate photography related contents from all around Asia to present it in one single site for your reading and viewing pleasure. Be it trending, new Canon camera releases, new technologies, photography techniques, videos etc we will sniff out the best for you. Weekly Ranking is a must-read for all busy people as we will rank all contents viewed from 8th of Dec. to 14th of Dec. to present to you the TEN most popular stories. So now let's take a look at what's HOT!!

Top 10 Ranking

Let's take a look at this week's Snapshot Weekly Ranking. You can't deny the power of EOS 70D! Appearing in the number 2 spot, is an article about EOS 70D entitled Canon EOS 70D: The All-Rounder DSLR. This story managed to enter the Weekly Ranking at number 2 without being featured in our What's New or Facebook. However, fresh in the ranking at number 6 and 9, are 2 stories featured in our What's New. So if you want to know what's in, remember to check out What's New every week. Overall, this is a week of new guards with 6 new stories pushing out the old ones. If you want to know if your favourite stories are making waves, don't forget to check out the Snapshot Weekly Ranking every week.

What's New

"What's New" features sneak peek into selected articles, contents and videos about interesting trends, model releases, new technologies, and everything about photography that is related to Canon. Be the first to read our latest articles and set the trend for our Weekly Ranking chart!

When using the EOS 5D Mark III for portraits photography, professional photographer Hideki Takahashi's professional tips will definitely come in very handy. In this article, he shares some useful tips on taking portraits with the EOS 5D Mark III based on 3 approaches: Composition, Light and Settings. Read more here.

Zooming in on a subject using high power zoom can be quite tricky. A lot of times you will end up losing the subject. With the Zoom Framing Assist capability, you'll never lose sight of a subject while zooming in. Watch this short video to find out how it works.

Small in size but big on features. That's how most will describe the EOS 100D. Apart from being light weight, the EOS 100D has excellent battery life even when used with viewfinder. It is also a "Snap camera" with an accurate auto white balance feature. Check it out here.

[Part 2] of the Professional's Composition Workshop, continues where it left off the last time. This time, it will touch on the relationship between "main theme" and "sub theme". "Triangular composition" method will also be introduced in this article. Check this out if you want to learn more about composition.

This informative and entertaining video brings you through a typical day with different members of a family to show you how they make use of PIXMA's wireless connection at work or leisure, in school or at play to instantly print a photo or a document.