Expand Your
Creative Possibilities

Redefine your creative vision when you explore incredible possibilities with the revolutionary RF mount on Canon’s EOS R full-frame mirrorless system.

The EOS R system is designed for the future of photography. It marries both design and technology, allowing compatibility with Canon’s wide range of EF lenses.

Expand Your Creative Possibilities



*inclusive of RF and EF lenses. EF lenses are compatible via mount adapter

One System, Many Possibilities. At the heart of the EOS R system is a 54mm diameter lens mount that is capable of transmitting a massive volume of data between the camera and lens. The outcome – high-performance capture, unprecedented image resolution, and intuitive controls.

Why Choose a Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera?


RF lenses are part of Canon’s L (Luxury) lenses series. Native lenses to the EOS R system, RF lenses are built on the strengths of the EF system.

The RF mount has a larger diameter, which allows wider lens elements are placed closer to the sensor. This reduces light refraction and aberrations resulting in higher image quality.

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  • EOS R3
  • EOS R5
  • EOS R6
  • EOS RP
  • EOS RA
  • EOS R



A camera for the pros, made by the pros. The new flagship of the EOS R full-frame mirrorless system promises high speed, high sensitivity, and high reliability to meet the demands of professional and high amateur photographers.

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Herald a new era of imaging with the legendary EOS R5 – Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera capable of 8K movie recording with no crop factor. This flagship of the EOS R system is capable of fast and precise autofocus (AF), rapid continuous shooting of up to 20 fps as well as advanced Animal Detection AF. Equipped with the new In-Body Image Stabilizer (IS) that provides up to 8 stops of stabilisation*, the EOS R5 marks the culmination of the best in photography and videography, giving photographers and videographers alike endless possibilities with their creative endeavours.

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*Up to 8-stop In-Body Image Stabilizer, subject to lens pairing and shooting conditions.


See the world with a brighter perspective with the spectacular EOS R6.

Mastering ISO sensitivity of up to ISO 102400 (H: 204800), this remarkable feat is made possible with the innovative noise-processing capability of the DIGIC X image processor. Let your photos shine even in dimly lit locations or increase shutter speed for indoor sporting events to freeze the moment in razor-sharp quality. Together with an impressive AF light sensitivity of up to EV-6.5, you can now shoot with greater accuracy even in the dark for outstanding shots.

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The EOS RP inherits the high-speed and large RF lens mount from the revolutionary EOS R. The EOS RP harnesses optical excellence and full-frame performance in an even more compact and lighter body. Immerse yourself in capturing impressive details with the 26.2-megapixel sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, superior low-light capabilities and new RF lenses to unlock your fullest potential. The EOS RP supports external headphone and mic jack, which makes it a good choice for video content producers.

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Taking full advantage of many advanced features of the EOS R range of cameras, the EOS Ra is Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera developed for astrophotography. EOS Ra features an infrared cutoff filter (in front of the CMOS sensor) with approximately 4x transmission sensitivity for Hα wavelengths*, which enables astrophotographers to capture nebulae’s deep-red rays in vivid color.

Adjustments made in manual focus mode is also made easier and more precise with the 30x magnification of live view images offered on EOS Ra. This feature allows users to examine a greatly enlarged image of very small stars on the monitor screen and magnified images can also be displayed through the EVF, improving the overall operability and shooting experience.

*Hα rays, which are generated by the hydrogen atoms in stars, have a wavelength of 656.28nm.

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Get ready to experience a breakthrough in optical excellence with EOS R, Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless system. Powered by DIGIC 8, the latest imaging processor, data processing on the EOS R is even faster, making it possible for impeccable shooting performance such as 4K recording, higher ISO range (100 – 40,000) and faster autofocus speed (0.05s)

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Canon offers mount adapters that allows EOS R users to continue using their existing EF lenses while expanding the range of photographic expression.

Easily perform super-telephoto shooting by extending the focal length by 1.4x or 2x without compromising on image. Compatible with RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM, RF600mm F11 IS STM and RF800mm F11 IS STM.

In addition to the conventional battery grip features, this accessory adds a battery charging function. This accessory also gives you the option to hold the camera in a vertical orientation (portrait) for still photos, and comfortably controls the camera when shooting longer movie clips.

Exclusively designed for EOS RP, the Extension Grip EG-1 can be attached to extend the height of the camera grip for optimal handling, especially when using a telephoto lens. The Extension Grip EG-1 uses a dial-type connector for easy attachment and allows SD card and battery change while attached to the camera.