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How to Take Prettier Photos for Instagram


With millions of images being shared on social media daily, how do you ensure your photography stand out? Composition is key as it helps to direct your viewer’s eyes to your subject in the best possible way and get their attention. Learn how to master these basic composition techniques to help you capture prettier photos and get all the likes on social media.


Rule of Thirds

One of the most important composition techniques in photography, mastering this rule helps you achieve more well-balanced photos. Plus, capturing images with refined details and superior colours has never been easier than with the EOS M50, thanks to its 24.1 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor and a newly incorporated DIGIC 8 image processor.


If you’re looking to create photos with visual impact, this technique will come in useful. By emphasising your subject, it directs your viewer on where to look within the photo. If you need to direct your subject to get the right framing, set your camera on a tripod and use the Canon Camera Connect App to adjust your camera’s most frequently used settings depending on the surrounding conditions, without having to manually adjust it on your camera.

Rule of Space

This technique creates negative space to imply motion, activity or conclusion, for more visually-striking photos. Negative space also balances out your composition with the subject for more engaging photos. Unleash your creativity and capture more interesting shots with the improved Creative Assist. Choose from 5 Creative filters effects to help you apply artistic effects such as the Soft Focus and Fish-eye to your photos.


Almost a test of your observation skills, this composition technique requires you to actively look out for colours, shapes and forms that create patterns. Sometimes, patterns can appear by chance. For example, when a bird flies past a cloudy sky to ‘break’ the pattern. Via the Canon Camera Connect App, you can now post your photos on social media as fast as capturing them. The app automatically transfers your images to a smartphone or computer to share, even while you shoot.

Need more tips on how to level up your photography skills and capture perfect photos to get more likes? Master the Basics of Composition or level up your composition skills with Compositions Exuding a Sense of Dynamics.

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