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Interview with Celebrity Photography Kevin Ou

Celebrity photography Kevin Ou has shot a wide spread of celebrities from Justin Bieber to Elijah Wood. As part of the Canon Grand Presentation 2015, he's now touring Asia to share his experiences with the new Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R. We catch up with him in Kuala Lumpur to talk about the new ultra high-resolution cameras.

Celebrity Photographer Kevin Ou at the Canon Grand Presentation 2015 KL.

Working with high-resolution print ads, the new Canon EOS 5DS and 5DS R work wonders for a celebrity photographer like Kevin Ou.

"Previously, to achieve that amount of resolution, I'd have to reach for a medium format camera. But right now, the level or amount of times I have to reach for one - I'd have to wait a long time before I ever need one," he shares.

"It's lighter to travel with so I can bring a lot more back-up bodies as well, so to me and my team, it's a godsend," he says.

The Canon Grand Presentation 2015 marks the launch of the Canon EOS 5DS and 5DS R, which boast 50.6-megapixel resolutions. The event brings Kevin to Hanoi, Jakarta, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and, of course Kuala Lumpur.

He's travelled around Asia sharing his experience photographing celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Elijah Wood and Snoop Dogg, but the highlight for him is meeting the younger generation of photographers and learning from other professionals.

"I think I'm learning just as much from them as they are from me," he says. "Understanding what's going on in the field of photography and explaining to them what the issues are in photography on their level definitely affects me as well. Because of that, I am able to fine tune the things I'm telling them."

"Being able to use my experience and help the photo industry in these different countries or even as a whole - that's the part I love."

Model posing at the Canon Grand Presentation 2015 Experience Zone in Kuala Lumpur.

Participating photographers experimenting at the Canon Grand Presentation 2015 Experience Zone.

Kicking off the Canon Grand Presentation 2015 EOS 5DS/5DS R Asia Tour in KL.

Kevin Ou

An artist, entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Kevin Ou is a commercial Celebrity Director & Photographer, having experienced incredible success. Based out of Los Angeles and now Asia, Kevin's artistic work has garnered multiple International awards for photography. Kevin specializes in Fashion Films and Celebrity / Fashion Portraits.