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[Part 3] Tips to Capture Expressions at the Crucial Moment

In this article, we will introduce tips for taking keepsake photos of your child, as well as techniques for capturing the birth of your baby and their growth by month. Pay particular attention to the advice given by fathers and mothers who have taken hundreds of shots of their kids in the past. (Written by: Camera Biyori Editorial Department, Sakura Komiyama, Rika Yamazaki)

Bring out the cutest smile with the thing your child loves the most

Mayumi Abe

We started taking our child's "tossing" photos because he simply enjoys it so much. We tried playing with him in many other ways, but he always gives us the best smile when he is being tossed high up. Now he is so comfortable with the game that he can even enjoy the surrounding scenery while in the air. The reason we have been taking a series of these shots is because our son really loves it, but at the same time we also pay careful attention to make sure there is no danger and that he is not feeling unwell.

[Tips] EOS 700D Camera Techniques

Try out the continuous shooting mode

In order to capture the right moment when you are photographing your baby, take as many shots as possible using the [Continuous shooting mode], and choose the best one from them. To do so, simply press the cross key corresponding to [Drive mode], select [Continuous shooting], followed by pressing the [SET] button.

No need to fear failure when capturing shots of the birth scene

Ryumon Kagioka

Some precautions to be taken when you are photographing the birth of your child include "using a camera you are familiar with" and "avoid causing any inconvenience during the process". Yet another point to take note of is to observe the surroundings too and not just the baby alone.

When my wife gave birth to our second child, we were lucky to be admitted to a ward that was brightened by natural light. With beautiful bluish light from the morning sun came shining in, the experience while waiting for the arrival of the newborn baby in the room was so quiet and peaceful that even our talkative elder daughter seemed very calm.

By paying attention to the surroundings as well, you will definitely be able to find the right moment to release the shutter. Whatever photos you have taken will help remind you of the past when you look back at them.

Challenge a wider variety of shots as your children grow older and become more active

Shino Chikura

Sleeping most of the time when he was one month old.

Learning to sit when he was seven months old.

Starting to walk on his own when he was 18 months old.

Loves to run about after turning two years old.

The best photos are the ones that can only be captured at a particular age. For example, the surrounding environment is very much the same when the infant is young and spends most of its time sleeping. However, its facial expression changes every day, so you can take hundreds of close-up shots of the baby's face.

When the baby starts learning to sit up, you can try a wider range of shooting angles, such as from the top or at the eye level of the child. You will be able to enjoy a more diverse variety of photos, such as when the child is sitting down or when he or she is eating.

When the baby is learning to walk, the photo opportunity would be the chubby feet when it is starting to take the first steps.

Once your children grow older and become more active, try capturing their natural expressions by running around with them. Although doing so may result in more blurry shots due to camera shake, this can in fact be a style of expression too, so you are encouraged to get on the move together with your kids.

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