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Photos from 3 popular photographers! Square Instagram shots taken with the EOS M10

The newly-launched EOS M10 from Canon is a mirrorless camera that makes every day more fun. Even DSLR beginners can use it to take great-looking shots easily.  We got three popular photographers in Japan to try their hand at taking the square photos that are so popular on Instagram now. Take a look at these shots and read about their impressions of the EOS M10. (Edited by: Camera Biyori, Photos by: Miho Kakuta, Hideaki Hamada, Saori Tao)

"Towards a new beginning"

- Miho Kakuta -

I always carry my EOS M10 wherever I go and I have accumulated a number of shots of particular moments which I thought were lovely. Since operations such as configuring the settings are easy with touchscreen operations on the LCD monitor, it felt as easy and casual as taking shots on a smartphone. The built-in flash is also something I would like to use to highlight subjects when shooting in backlight during the day.

Lots of black kites were flying as it was near the sea.

Breakfast on location. The fresh and appetising colours put me in a really good mood!

A morning stroll at Lake Toya in Hokkaido. I encountered this scene while walking around with my EOS M10.

A prop that was not used in my shots.

I like to have light even when capturing downtown shots.

I used a telephoto lens to capture the rainbow in the fountain.

"Have a nice day with your camera."

- Hideaki Hamada -

As I visit various locations for work (including overseas), here are some lovely and interesting landscape shots I took at those places. The EOS M10 has a simple design that is great for those who are used to taking pictures with smartphones, as it allows the user to shoot naturally without hesitation simply by releasing the shutter. I also liked its speedy operations and responsiveness, which enabled me to capture quick photos of momentary scenes.

The energy of the surging waves was captured as it is in this shot.

Making use of the bokeh effect of a prime lens, this picture depicts the lively form of the plant.

I changed the point of view by lowering my position as far as I could from the normal viewing height.

Kansai Airport Station. A game that is often played by children. I took this shot because I saw my younger self in these children.

A contrast of colours between the train and building and the continuity of the horizontal lines.

A person passing by a tree. I took this shot with particular awareness of the composition.

“A trip in early autumn”

- Saori Tao -

These are photos that I took in Irabu-jima, Okinawa, and Saku-shima in Aichi Prefecture. The EOS M10 is very convenient as I can easily set it to achieve the finishing that I like with the Creative Assist mode. (On this occasion, I increased the values for [Saturation] and [Warm] and also adjusted [Brightness] a little higher). As the angle of the LCD monitor could be changed, it was easy to shoot low subjects as well.

Soba from the restaurant Miyako Soba, which I think is the most delicious that I have ever eaten.

The Irabu Bridge connecting Miyako-jima and Irabu-jima, which was opened in 2015.

When we talk about Okinawa, the first thing that comes to mind are the goats by the roadside.

A girl who last visited the island 2 years ago. Even at the age of 2, she is all ready to go swimming as she has been practicing swimming in the sea since 4 months ago.

A well-loved cat known simply as “Cat!” by the elementary school students on the island.

The setting sun looks lovely in the dry autumn air. I shot this by making use of the backlight.

[TIP] How to set a photo to 1:1 aspect ratio

Change the aspect ratio to take square 1:1 photos with the EOS M10. Press the [(Quick Set menu/Set)] button and select [1:1].

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Miho Kakuta

Photographer. Concurrently with her magazine and album cover related works, she has also been visiting Finland for a decade for her photography lifework.

Hideaki Hamada

Born on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. Besides appearing in overseas magazines, he is also active in a wide range of activities in Japan. His works include the book Haru and Mina.

Saori Tao

Photographer. Awarded Grand Prix of the 18th HITO TSUBO competition. She has published numerous works.

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