Vivid colours
for a lifetime

While some moments in life belong on your social media feed, the most cherished ones deserve to live on beyond the digital world – so just print them!


Reproduce the beautiful

Product colour availability varies by country and region.

Your Photos, Your Rules

Get creative with photos by creating your own style!

You can easily do that by using a combination of photo layout, photo positioning, filters, stamps, overcoat effects and photo frames options available in the app. You can share your creations with others, via apps that support SELPHY Photo Layout 2.0 (e.g.: Instagram, Gmail, LINE).

Square Perfect

With square print formats and aspect ratio of 1:1, your photos look stylish and pleasing to the eye because they are naturally balanced.
Perhaps that’s why the square format is so widely used today, even on social media!
What’s more, Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10 prints your photos on label paper, which can be peeled off and used as a sticker! Think about all the fun, useful, and amazing things you can do!

consumable: colour ink/label set XS-20l


20 sheets
72x85 mm paper size
Integrated colour ink cassette/sticker label set

Easy like 1, 2, 3!

Setting up your Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10 is super easy and you just need to do it once! Printing cherished moments is really that easy with the SELPHY Photo Layout app.

  • Step 1: Select the image you wish to print
  • Step 2: Edit and decorate the image
  • Step 3: Press on the 'Print' Button on the app