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Photo Clinic 2016 – Around Japan in just 8 days


Photo Clinic 2014: Central Japan by Donnie Gervacio Sinongco

Departing from Singapore’s Changi airport, the 20 participants of Canon Photo Clinic 2016 will get to see (and shoot) the visual wonderland that is Japan. From breathtaking mountain landscapes to the famed cherry blossoms, follow the photographers as they immortalize their sights on film. 

Photo Clinic 2014: Central Japan by Nguyen Thai Thuy An 

Sponsored by several companies, including Ito-en, the trip will see the photographers visiting popular spots across the country over 8 days, including the historic star-shaped fort in Goryokaku Park and the westernised Motomachi district located at the base of Mount Hakodate. Starting from Kitakata, the photographers will get to experience all the country has to offer as they speed their way to Tokyo via Japan’s famed shinkansen (bullet train). Think onsens, delectable local food and classic Japanese hospitality along the way – nestled amidst picture-perfect scenery that is any photographer’s dream. 

Photo Clinic 2014: Central Japan by Mahdini Bin Haji Ahmad 

But it’s more than just a sightseeing tour – the participants will also be competing for various prizes in the Photo Face-Off contest. Hosted by Justin Mott, he will be reviewing their photos alongside renown artist and photographer, Goto Aki.  

Photo Clinic 2014: Central Japan by Donnie Gervacio Sinongco 

Compromising of several challenges, the photographers must put their best lens forward as they attempt to capture the iconic imagery Japan has become known for. Can they keep up with the lighting fast Shinkansen, or do their delicate food arrangements justice? Will the crushing mass of human bodies at Tokyo Station prove too much to handle? Keep watching this space to find out who emerges on top.  


Find out more about Canon Photomarathon and Canon Photoclinic here:

Photo Clinic 2014: Central Japan by Agus Supriyanto


All images taken from Canon Photomarathon website, Photo Clinic 2014 series.