Dressing in layers for winter



I love traveling and exploring places overseas during the winter season! Who doesn't love the cold and snow?

Thus, I like to share a practical and versatile fashion tip for winter travels, and that is to Dress In Layers.

What does it mean?
- Dressing in Layers means getting the layering basic right by choosing a base, insulating and shell (I.e. Coat) layer. Each layer has its own function.

- Dressing in layers will allow your outfit to be very versatile. The beauty of it is it allows you to add or subtract layers and make quick adjustments based on your activity level and changes in the weather.

- It fulfills two basic principles of winter travel outfits. One: It should be comfortable enough to keep you warm. (Dressing in later does!)Two: It should get you surprisingly far in photos due to various contrast between the layers!

With the winter season here, I hope this simple tip is useful for those traveling to cold places. Wishing all a blessed and Merry Christmas xo :)

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