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靈感 >> My Canon Story

In - Out

By iftekher.mahmood_51

Canon EOS 7D






f 4

Shutter Speed

1/20 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

In - Out, Its a available light photo, I took it from Magpie circle, Dhaka Bangladesh, i am just walking alone and finding subjects but unfortunately i found that place and i sow some human activity in that shop, one is interning and one is exciting. In that moment i took that photo to crate a frame in frame .


Photography: I love to play with available lights, when i walk in the street i sow lots of activity and fact around me so i love to make a story with them using my EOS 7D, I love to take life style and portraits very much. Post process: I think the post process is a very vital part of a photography, I am only post process my photos when my photos wants, some time i make B/W and charcoal B/W photos, in that case post process gives me extra support.


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