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Come and Join the Canon Photo Party!


Ever wanted a chance to take photos of your Japanese idols on stage, but couldn't? Or looking to try your hand at shooting live music concerts? This might be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Capture your favorite artists in action with Canon Photo Party!


So what exactly is a 'Canon Photo Party'?

For anyone having been to a live concert in Japan this might sound familiar, but bringing a recording device is usually considered a big no-no. Attempting to take photographs with a camera, smartphone, or other device will most likely get you tapped on the shoulder by security personnel, and potentially expelled from the venue.
But what if you managed to get tickets to see your favorite artist or band live, and want to capture this precious moment and share with your friends and family? Or how about if you want to improve your photography skill by shooting concerts, one of the more challenging fields in photography?

Canon Photo Party is a new concept by Canon that provides an opportunity for concertgoers to not just see leading Japanese artists perform live on stage, but also capture their idols during the concert. You can simply keep the photos you took as a personal memory, or boast to your friends on social media. And for those intent on honing their photography skills, it presents a chance for you to try your hand at shooting professional live performances!

Canon Photo Pass holders are authorized to capture their favorite artists performing on stage. Photographer: Hajime Kamiiisaka


GARNiDELiA performing at the I Love Anisong concert of Anime Festival Asia – Thailand 2016. Photographer: Hajime Kamiiisaka


Get your photos viewed by your idols!

Apart from the opportunity to take photos of your idols, you can enter the Canon Photo Contest and submit your best pictures of the concert for a chance to have your photos viewed by your favorite artist.

The photos of those participants shortlisted will be reviewed by the artists themselves, who will select the winning photographer, who will receive a prize from Canon. Depending on the artist, you might even get your winning photograph signed, or receive additional signed novelty items.

With every Canon Photo Party, the photograph of the contest winner, and those of shortlisted participants, will be featured on the web as well as on location, of course, by name. This could be your ticket to becoming a professional photographer.

Get your best picture of the event reviewed by your idols, such as SCANDAL’s guitarist MAMI.


The rules and the perks of joining

So what is the catch I hear you say? Well, there is a catch, but it is quite reasonable.

・The use of flash photography, selfie-sticks and tripods is strictly prohibited.
This is the case with most concerts, and for good reason. Most of the time flash photography is disruptive for the artists as well as your fellow concertgoers, and the use of selfie-sticks and tripods poses a potential hazard.

・Photographs will have to be taken with a digital camera; smartphone or mobile phone cameras will not qualify.
Giving due respect to the artist performing, only the highest quality images captured will be accepted. Wouldn't you want to capture your favorite artists with the best possible pictures?

・Participants can shoot freely for the duration of one selected song only.
You can enjoy the performance better if you are not absorbed in trying to capture every moment. Enjoy the concert as well!

In return, however, the Canon Photo Party is open to anyone, whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer. All camera brands are welcome as well. And apart from the initial concert ticket fee, of course, participation is free. Applying for the Canon Photo Pass will also give you the chance to try out some of the latest Canon camera models, such as the EOS M10 and the EOS 80D.

For more details on the terms and conditions, click here.

The winning photo of the first Canon Photo Party, taken at the SCANDAL TOUR 2016 “YELLOW” concert held in Singapore. Photographer: Daniel Ho


Shooting to win using the EOS 80D equipped with an EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens, provided by Canon. Photographer: Hajime Kamiiisaka


How to join the Canon Photo Party

First of all, keep an eye on the official website of JMF - Japan Music Festival, or their social media pages, for any recent updates on upcoming concerts that feature the Canon Photo Party. Their site will feature a page for you to sign up and participate.

JMF - Japan Music Festival

For the upcoming AFA – Anime Festival Asia events in Indonesia and Singapore, check out the official AFA website for the scheduled I Love Anisong concerts. The website will feature a sign-up page for the Canon Photo Party, as well as the Canon Photo Contest. 

AFA - Anime Festival Asia

Once you signed up and received confirmation of your Canon Photo Pass, please visit the Canon Photo Party counter near the concert venue to retrieve your badge, and if requested, your Canon camera. Just remember, first come, first served.
Since you can only shoot freely during one selected song, please wait until the artist announces that the Canon Photo Party is about to commence. Once the concert is over, please return all borrowed equipment to the Canon counter.
Submit your best shots of the concert to the Canon Photo Contest for your chance to win.

Tip 1: Depending on the concert, you will be required to shoot from your seat, or allowed to move around freely, so it is recommended to check in advance and be aware of what you can or cannot do.

Tip 2: The available number of Canon Photo Passes is limited for each concert, so you will want you apply in advance to secure yours. In particular when there are lots of applications, priority will be given for Canon users. Canon users, give it your best shot!


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