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How To Choose The Right Lenses For My Photography


Choosing the right lenses can be daunting. Start by thinking about the type of photographs you currently take. Then use this handy infographic to help you pick the right lenses for your photography needs.


This versatile high-quality 35mm lens is ideal for street, travel and close-up photography, and always delivers a natural perspective. It’s also great for tight spaces thanks to its wider frame.

Its smart design empowers creativity and is a master in low light without blur from camera shake, thanks to its 5-stops image stabilization, best executed with the EOS RP.


RF50mm F1.2L USM

This lens takes advantage of shallow depth of field to allow you to capture subjects with impact, like wedding portraits, for example.

With both silent, high-speed autofocusing and subtle focusing adjustment capabilities, this lens caters to both image quality and operability, matching the EOS RP’s ease of operability through its multiple features.


EF85mm f/1.8 USM

The rapid, quiet, and accurate autofocusing of this lens is complemented by a full-time manual focus for subtle adjustments. 

Fine adjustment, such as moving the focus from the tips of the eyelashes to the eye itself is possible, creating a subtle yet definite change in expressive tone.

EF100mm f/2 USM

For a natural looking perspective in portraiture pictures, this large-aperture, medium telephoto lens is ideal and easily portable.

Designed with portrait photography in mind, it offers a natural, soft blur effect. If you are shooting with EOS R or EOS RP, attach the EF lens to the camera body using a mount adapter to achieve a sharp image even at the widest aperture.

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