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[June 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Tips”


Sometimes all you need is just this one tip to make a difference in your photography skills. In our "Tips" Category Ranking for June, tips for the Speedlite external flash are the most sought-after with 6 articles in the list. Comprising of 3 articles from May and 3 more from June, this series of articles is exactly what you need to master external flash photography! If you haven't read it, do check out our all-time favourite article on how to capture crystal clear night shots in low light with prime lenses! Find out more here.

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Lights from moving objects can form beautiful light trails. But how can we capture them? In this article, we provide you tips from location selection to the choosing of shutter speeds so that you can create beautiful light trails and add variety to your night shoots. Read more here.

For one who is known to stay calm and keep shooting even in front of a roaring lion, it's no wonder that professional photographer Jason Chia loves taking realistic and compelling pictures. In this spotlight article, Jason offers an insight to his shooting philosophy and shares his heart-pounding shooting adventures in words and pictures. Find out more here.

Pancake lenses are capable of producing large Bokeh effects and sharp pictures under low-light, which are simply a treasure to work with. In this article, we show you how you can apply different aperture settings to obtain your desired Bokeh effects regardless lighting conditions. Learn more here.

Choosing the right paper to print photographs is quite a challenge sometimes. Yes! There are more than just 1 type of paper in printing pictures. From Baryta to Washi papers, each of them serves a different purpose and adds its own effect to the print. Find out what each paper is made for now.

With its ability to produce a large Bokeh at f/2 aperture, the EF35mm f/2 IS USM is an excellent choice for portrait-taking and snapshots. Along with an IS function, its shooting performance under low-light is so great that even minute details are presented with high clarity. Learn more about this wide-angle prime lens now.