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Strengthening the Bond of Two Nations through Aerial Photography Exhibition - Aspiring New Zealand


In celebration of 60 years of friendship between Malaysia and New Zealand, Canon Marketing Malaysia co-sponsored the ‘Aspiring New Zealand’ photo collection at Bangsar Shopping Centre on 25th April 2017.

Opening Ceremony for Aspiring New Zealand

Curated by internationally-renowned Malaysian photographer and visual storyteller Mr. Jeffry Lim, a recent International Photography Awards [IPA] recipient, the exhibition was conceived in August 2016 and featured over 50-large size images of New Zealand’s landscapes – Mr. Lim’s second largest after his exhibition in 2010.


Aspiring New Zealand photo exhibition official launch ceremony guests-of-honour

L-R: Mr. Jeffry Lim; YB Brigadier General Khairy Jamaluddin, Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports; H.E. Dr. John Subritzky, New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia

Mr. Lim himself was present at the official launch ceremony, together with esteemed guests such as New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia H.E. Dr John Subritzky; and the Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Brigadier General Khairy Jamaluddin. The ceremony saw over 60 attendees, including members of the press.


Aspiring New Zealand photo exhibition (aerial view)

The photo exhibition was a week-long celebration of the wonders of photography, from the perspective of an avid traveler. An estimate of 300 visitors per day attended the exhibition, some of whom mentioned they were immediately transported to an augmented experience and virtual immersion of photographic expression and futuristic event-layout. Amongst those who visited were Tan Sri Halim Saad, Executive Chairman of the Renong / UEM Group, and Dato’ Sri Akhbar Khan, Executive Chairman of the BRDB (Bandaraya Development Bhd.) Group.

The collection of rarely-seen winter aerial perspectives of New Zealand was inspired during Mr. Jeffry Lim’s country-wide travel with his family in 2016. Some of the photos featured were as large as 60 inches in size, inviting the captivated audience to discover the abundant beauty of the sea, air and land through New Zealand’s majestic mountains, blended with pristine topography colors and rarely seen aerial views. As Mr. Jeffry Lim is a loyal Canon camera user, most of the photos in his Aspiring New Zealand Collection were taken with his Canon EOS 5D Mark III.


Majestic ‘Abba’.

Majestic ‘Abba’/ EOS 5D Mark III/ FL:75mm/ Shutter-priority AE (f/6.3, 1/1,250 sec)/ Location: Mount Aspiring, New Zealand (Photographed by Jeffry Lim)

“I am very grateful that as the leading digital imaging solutions provider, Canon supported this exclusive photo exhibition, and allowed the opportunity to show the world the breadth and depth of aerial photography, captured at its best. Most of the photos exhibited featured not only stunning aerial views but exceptional picture details and vibrant colours, similar to that of fine art paintings.

One of my personal favorite pieces is the award-winning photo taken at Mount Aspiring entitled Majestic 'Abba'. It was taken in the midst of a challenging flight that was turbulent, highly risky and under an extreme cold temperature. I recalled praying for the weather to remain fair and calm, and within minutes, the sunlight emerged from above with the mist and clouds moving aside to reveal a clear mountain peak. It was truly a magnificent experience, seeing how I was blessed with this breathtaking shot of the mountain at the final hour! The colour hues were uniquely radiant and pleasant to the eyes of its viewers”, said Mr. Jeffry.

Throughout the week, he also provided a first-hand exclusive photography session to shutterbugs keen to expand their photography portfolio. With over 20 years of experience covering 40 countries, Mr. Jeffry has a strong track record in sea, air and land photography, and very familiar with the ASEAN landscape. Canon Marketing Malaysia as a proud co-sponsor was also able to showcase to the visitors an array of latest camera additions, alongside such a huge talent and loyal brand supporter.


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Jeffry Lim

About the Photographer, Jeffry Lim

Jeffry Lim is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience covering more than 40 countries for his assignments. He has a strong track record of clients in the oil and gas, industrial and corporate sectors enabling him to develop a diverse photography experience covering the sea, air and land. He has worked for some of the top Forbes 500 companies. His key strength is in aerial, industrial, offshore and marine photography, making him one of the most sought after specialists in this field. 

Aside, he has also successfully produced numerous pictorial book projects with major corporate companies. His work has been shown in National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Traveler, Discovery Channel and Associate Press (AP).

Over the years, he has won more than 20 photo awards and they were featured in more than 10 photo exhibitions including both solo and group categories in different countries. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeffrylimvst 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jeffrylimvst


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