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Up Your Videography Game with Hyperlapse and Canon EOS M50


Shooting a hyperlapse video can be challenging and tedious. But it is so rewarding when you’re able to produce mind-blowing footage that changes the way you create and compose your videos. Follow through to find out how you can do so with the EOS M50 mirrorless camera.

Ever wondered how to shoot videos where long distances are covered within just a few seconds? Uncover a few tips with the EOS M50 mirrorless camera and these simple steps.

Step 1: Planning The Route

Before you start shooting, plan the route you’ll be walking to get a sense of where your start and end points are and the distance between each photo. It’s also important to plan how much you want to advance with each step between each frame. Tip: The shorter the steps, the smoother your hyperlapse video will be.

Step 2: Stabilize Your Shots

canon m50 timelapse function

Use a monopod for easier movement and adjustment and place your camera on it at eye level. Enable the EOS M50’s time-lapse movie function in the Menu and choose the 3-second interval to shoot your hyperlapse video.

Step 3: Step By Step

hyperlapse female with camera

With your camera on a monopod, pause to let the camera take a photo, move your monopod, pause for another photo, and repeat. Make sure you advance the same distance between every photo taken. With the EOS M50’s 4K movie shooting function, our footage features a rich colour and high-quality details.

Step 4: Clearing The Path

empty path

Make sure your route is clear of traffic during the recording of the video. It’s crucial that you plan your route properly and follow as closely as possible to the plan. Shooting a hyperlapse is a tedious process but the the amazing outcome will be worth your efforts.

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