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Golden Peafowl

By ganesh.namasivayam_1515

EF300mm f/2.8L IS II USM




f 5.6

Shutter Speed

1/40 sec

Exposure Compensation

0.33333333333333 EV

It has been a long term wish to capture the common yet beautiful Indian Peafowl in open perch with the long tail visible. On this day our search for big cats did not yield positive results and were circling the forest for 30 minutes into the safari time. The Sun had just emerged and was painting the entire forest with golden colour. From far I just noticed this Peafowl perched on a lower branch of a tree and was closer to the safari road. So requested the driver to slow down as any haste movement would have surprised it and make a run. So though it was against light we fired few clicks with rim light and after we were sure we got some decent pictures from that angle asked driver to proceed slowly to the side of the peafowl. Luckily for us that day it decided to stay put and could manage this side lit image. Had reduced the ISO just to avoid the grains that pop up as it was foggy in the background. Overall a very satisfying image.


The passion to capture moments from the wild, has taken me to places around India. Happy to share a select few here.


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