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Watch tower!

By arvind.karthik7

EF400mm f/2.8L IS II USM




f 2.8

Shutter Speed

1/1600 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

he forgotten 'badass' Asian dog more endangered than tigers Although extremely adept hunters, dholes are no means a ‘big bad wolf’. At least not in the ‘big’ sense: these canids are surprisingly small. At just 12-18 kilograms, dholes are 30 to 50% the size of your average wolf, making them smaller than many medium-sized dogs. But despite their diminutive stature Dhole hunting parties are known to employ a variety of tactics to bring down their prey, including splitting into small scouting groups. When successful, dholes don’t suffocate prey with a bite to the throat like a tiger or leopard, but bring their prey down and begin eating. unlike wolves, dholes allow pups to eat before any of the other pack members.


I’m nature and wildlife photographer, I also work for a start up in Bangalore, tracking big cats is something which I desire