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Darkness Meets the light

By arvind.karthik7

EF500mm f/4L IS II USM




f 4

Shutter Speed

1/1600 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

I still remember the day, way back in 2016 when I was starting to hold my first SLR, on a corporate training with 60 members seated I was asked about what is my dream ? I answered them, my dream is to sight and photograph the black panther of Kabini . . The response from the whole crowd was a big laughter, as everyone knew it was elusive and most of them told me forget the dream rather you can consider tigers, leopards and other animals, The passion of wildlife eventually grew and as curious I was seeing all those great photographers with those stunning images of the panther which inspired me a lot ! . . The dream began to grow inside me, I started to visit Kabini deciding I’m gona sight this elusive beauty and had no intentions to bury the dream in me, on this journey I got to see some of the beautiful tigers , leopards and of the forest’s flora and fauna which I fell in love with and Kabini became close to my heart and yes many times missed the panther sightings in those 3 years, as i knew that I’m getting closer to the panther than I ever was, I did not back down, the day finally came when he just walked past all those dark thoughts of no panther in my life towards the golden light killing all those dark thoughts, showing me who is real king of darkness is !! .


I’m nature and wildlife photographer, I also work for a start up in Bangalore, tracking big cats is something which I desire