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Quiapo Church

By jorem2100





f 5.6

Shutter Speed

1/640 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

My first time to join a Canon photowalk. As I was looking for a subject, I decided to take a photo of this church. Famous for being a tourist attraction as well as for the "Black Nazarene" that happens every January. This is my first time here, and my first time to go to this place alone, with no idea where to go, I kept on walking until I stumbled on this church. Every Sunday, this area is filled with people, praying to the Almighty for everything they want and thank ful for. However, this place becomes even more alive during the Feast of the Black Nazarene, wherein, millions of devotees flock this place, wishing to touch the Nazarene statue, as well as to pray for strength and for their own wants and wishes. The whole procession can take up to 24 hrs! Though it may take that long, people who are able to witness the procession feel blessed and hopeful that what they prayed for will come true.


I'm a beginner/enthusiast that loves to capture moments because, every picture tells a different story, and these pictures tells us something about us, about our story.


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