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Hedgehog Cactus

By andegalarasati

EF50mm f/1.8 II




f 5.6

Shutter Speed

1/125 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

A day to explore the dome and gardens at the Garden by the Bay in Singapore. One of my great experiences was walking through a cactus garden with different types of cacti. This little cactus caught my eye, what a beautiful cactus, right?


Hi, I am Andega, born in Indonesia. I really enjoy expressing my creativity throughout the world of photography. I started by taking lots of photos with cellphones, learning to use cameras until now that it has become my job. From photography, I have learned a lot about life and how to interpret it. The most important thing is that I can help others with my abilities and give happiness to others who like my work. From all of the things that I have got, I think photography is like my therapy.


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