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How to Shoot Landscape Photos With Canon Camera Connect App


If you shoot landscape photos with you featured in the shot, you need someone to take the photo. Let this infographic show you how Canon’s feature-packed Camera Connect app helps you shoot remotely, adjust settings and transfer images wirelessly to give you the best possible landscape shots, as well as allowing you to be in your own photos without requiring help.

Cara is a blogger who enjoys documenting her style and seeking out Instagram-worthy places with wide landscapes. There are times when she needs to capture a shot while also being in it, but is unable to find someone who can help. With the Canon Camera Connect app, she is able to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy shot by connecting her Wi-Fi-enabled Canon mirrorless camera to her smart device.

Remote Shooting

The Remote Live Shooting mode on the Canon Camera Connect App allows Cara to activate the shutter button while also being in her wide landscape photo, meaning she does not require help from another person.

Camera Settings Adjustments

With the Canon Camera Connect app, Cara can also adjust the camera’s most frequently used settings such as changing the shutter speed, aperture value, ISO speed, exposure compensation, drive mode and focus on her smart device for those wide landscape shots based on the surrounding conditions without manually adjusting it on her camera.

Wireless Transfer

With her Canon camera and smart device set up and wirelessly connected, Cara can view and transfer her landscape images wirelessly from her camera to smart device. After viewing her images, Cara has the option to upload her photos on social media.

Cara can also delete images within the Canon Camera Connect app. These images will also be erased from the camera’s memory card so you don’t have to repeat the process of deleting photos on your camera manually.


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