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3 Ways to Capture Cool Videos with EOS M50


Just like a photograph, a video tells a story. What if you could change the story you’re telling? Whether you’re speeding up action with a time-lapse, ‘recreating’ something that was destroyed via reverse, or incorporating camera movement to a time-lapse and thereby creating a hyper-lapse, discover how these 3 techniques add creative flair to your videos. 

3 Ways to Capture Cool Videos with EOS M50

3 Tips For Better Time-Lapse

  1. Always shoot with manual mode to achieve better control over your settings. This prevents your camera from trying to correct for any changes during shooting.
  2. It’s important to get the focus right. Choose your focal point in the scene and set your camera to manual focus to prevent it from changing while the camera is shooting your time-lapse video.
  3. Choose the right interval for your scene. Set a shorter interval for fast-moving subjects; for example, 2 seconds to capture people walking on the street. For slow-moving scenes like a sun’s path on a clear day, use a longer interval of 20 seconds.

Discover the art of Capturing the Magic of Time-lapse and then feast your eyes on gorgeous footage of the City of Lights shot with different time-lapse techniques.

3 Tips For Better Reverse

  1. Think about why you’re staging the motion in reverse; whether it’s to ‘undo’ what has been done, or to create intrigue and make your viewer think about the sequence. Most importantly, be creative!
  2. Good lighting is necessary when shooting videos. Always go for natural daylight to ensure your reverse videos turn out the way you want them to. Artificial light could result in flickering and disrupt your videos.
  3. When planning the shots for your reverse video, it helps to think backwards. Think of the end result as your first frame; for example shoot someone walking backwards into a pool so that he emerges miraculously dry in the video.

Learn how the combination of reverse and slow-motion can bring about a more creative video. To find out more about slow-motion, check out How to Shoot a Slow-Mo Video with EOS M50.

3 Tips For Better Hyper-Lapse

  1. Find a fixed point that stays in the frame from the start to end points of your route. Use the camera’s built-in grid, the square on the screen in live-view mode, or a focus point overlay square in the viewfinder. 
  2. Look out for lines and shapes on the ground to guide you as you move throughout your route. Keep your movement and spacing as consistent as possible to create a smoother hyper-lapse video.
  3. Combine the versatility of hyper-lapse with other techniques such as stop-motion animation to create mind-bending videos. For example, use both hyperlapse and stop-motion to capture your subject walking from behind a door (start point) to beyond the door (end point). This creates the illusion of your subject walking through a glass door, which would have been impossible when shot with only hyper-lapse.

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