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3 Ways to Elevate Your Food Photography with Canon EOS R


Food photography is one of the most challenging types of photography to master. From lighting to styling, and even the props used, photographing food is about telling a story with the dish. Here are 3 simple ways to add movement to your food shots with the help of Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera. 

If you’re a food influencer, you’re probably good at choosing the most Instagram-worthy foods and drinks to help you achieve stunning photos. Set yourself apart from other influencers by using 3 creative ways to capture movement – pouring, drizzling, oozing – in your food photos.

1. Pouring: Fruity Mocktail

pouring motion fruity mocktail

Fancy adding a little class and sophistication to your drinks? Change up the game by capturing the mouth-watering swirl that happens when soda is poured into a fruity mocktail. The new Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera packs a fast autofocus speed of 0.05 second to deliver sharp focus so that every movement of the swirl is captured. Tip: Ensure a steady stream when pouring to prevent spills.

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2. Drizzling: Pancakes & Syrup

drizzling pancakes and syrup

Put some drizzling action into your food photos! Use a fast shutter speed to capture action that’s sharp and quick. With up to 5,655 selectable AF points, the EOS R camera gives you the freedom to focus on any part of the frame. In this instance, we set focus on the point in which the maple syrup dripped on the the blueberries and set a shutterspeed of 1/200 seconds to capture the action of maple syrup trickling down to the blueberries and pancakes. 

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3. Oozing: Poached Egg

oozing poached egg

Poached eggs are one of the most challenging foods to shoot for food photography, but definitely drool-worthy when captured right. Make sure your camera settings are ready and waiting before you proceed to capture runny egg yolk oozing. With the camera’s Vari-angle LCD screen, you can tilt the screen 90 degrees upwards for easy viewing instead of crouching down to view your frame. 

As you press and hold the shutter button, poke the egg and remove the knife from the frame, and let the yolk ooze out. Capture a series of shots and combine them, then rewind so they loop back and forth to create the ultimate hunger-inducing scene. Tip: Make sure the yolk is cooked just right and move quickly!

Equipped with a fast shutter speed, 5,655 selectable AF points and the Vari-angle LCD screen, the EOS R is what you’ll need to capture more stunning food shots. Now that you’ve learned how to add movement to your food photography, master these techniques with the EOS R for more mouth-watering food images!

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