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5 Ways to Get the Perfect Instagram OOTD Shot


Wondering why your OOTD shots aren’t getting more likes? Whether you’re a budding fashion photographer, blogger or even an ‘Instagram-husband’, we inspire our readers on how to shoot OOTD photos using eye-catching props and jaw-dropping outfits.

Do a human flat lay

Shake things up and let your photo stand out on Instagram by shooting from an unexpected angle. Most OOTDs on Instagram are shot with the subject standing, so why not try lying or sitting on the floor instead? Lay out elements of your outfit like bags or sunglasses around you, and look out for interesting flooring in colours that will complement your outfit.
Tip: Get high! Position yourself and your camera above your subjects. Climb a ladder to get the appropriate perspective or even take your shot from the second floor of a balcony.

Get iconic

Work iconic landmarks of your city into your shot. Give your image more dimension by lending it a story and making it more visually interesting (which also translates to more likes). To give your image an original edge, have the icon frame your shot so you look good with it, rather than have yourself directly in front of the icon. The EOS RP can bring out these impactful perspectives. 

Contrast your colours

Red/green, blue/yellow, black/white – a sure way to grab attention is to contrast the colours between your clothes and your background. Bonus points if said background has hints of colours from your outfit too. The EOS RP will bring out these contrasts very well.

Experiment with your angles 

Shoot through plants, shoot lying down or with the edge of a pillar in frame – the possibilities are endless! One of the key tips to taking good photographs is to train your eye to “see” in a different way. This of course comes with practice, but the more you do it, you’re bound to see an improvement in your shooting style. Here are some tips for getting the best results for outdoor photography shoots here.

It’s all about perspective

The distance of subjects is a great way to play with perspective. By getting the angle right, you can photograph yourself holding onto the tip of a landmark, or have your friend on the palm of your hand for comical effect. 

Get inspired by how angles can dramatically change an image here: Architecture Photography from a Different Perspective
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