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5 Ways to Photograph Your Baby from a New Parent’s Perspective


Professional photography services are great, but they are also costly. While a baby portrait session can cost you up to a few hundred dollars, taking photos on your own, cost you next to nothing. Learn how to photograph a baby from the perspective of a new parent with these five easy steps.

black and white father craddling baby

EOS M100, EF-M22mm f/2 STM lens, f/2.8, 22mm, 1/125sec, ISO800


1. Parent and child finger portrait

black and white adult and child fingers

EOS M100, EF-M22mm f/2 STM lens, f/2.8, 22mm, 1/60sec, ISO800

Think creatively when shooting a parent and child portrait. One way is to compare your fingers with hers. It serves as an important milestone and a good way to remember how small she used to be (before she grows up too quickly).

You can even print out your photos by using a SELPHY printer and frame them up as part of your home décor.

2. A touch of love

baby lying on playmat

EOS M100, EF-M22mm f/2 STM lens, f/2.8, 22mm, 1/125sec, ISO800

A simple touch can change the dynamics in your photo. By holding your baby’s hand (or letting her hold yours), the photo exudes warmth and parental love, as compared to just laying her there on her own. Establish a connection between you two by capturing the way your baby looks at you.

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3. Her favourite toy

baby with plushie lying down

EOS M100, EF-M22mm f/2 STM lens, f/2.8, 22mm, 1/250sec, ISO400

Photographing a baby can be challenging, especially when the little one begins to cry. Cheer her up with her favourite stuffed toy and while you are at it, snap a photo of her. It would make a better photo if the toy is an extra cute one.

Babies are cute, but learn How to Make Your Baby Look Cuter in Photos with this useful and easy to follow infographic.

4. The family support

baby lying on arm

EOS M100, EF-M22mm f/2 STM lens, f/2.8, 22mm, 1/500sec, ISO800

To create a visually interesting portrait, try extending your arm to support your snoozing baby. Alternatively, you can use your hand as a pillow (as below) for the shot. This pose could express the idea of “you as her support pillar” or “your baby is in good hands”.

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arm holding baby's head

EOS M100, EF-M22mm f/2 STM lens, f/2.8, 22mm, 1/160sec, ISO800

5. The tiny, tiny details

father holding baby's hand

EOS M100, EF-M22mm f/2 STM lens, f/2.8, 22mm, 1/250sec, ISO400

This is similar to point number one, but more on details and less on comparison. Take photos of your baby’s tiny hands, feet, nose, and eyes because they will be teenagers before you know it. Use natural light instead of flash by standing close to a window or even outdoors. Equip yourself with an EF-M22mm f/2 STM wide-angle pancake lens, which is lightweight and perfect for everyday use, delivering stunning image quality even under low light conditions.

Be mindful about how your baby feels and find the most ideal time to do a photoshoot. Never make her do something she does not want to, nor force her into uncomfortable positions just to get a photo. Know what’s best for your baby and good photos will come along.



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