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Beautify Your Social Media Feed With Canon EOS M200


Are you the next big social media star? Or would you like to be one? Then the new Canon EOS M200 will come in handy for you. This small and easy-to-use camera is the ideal companion for any budding influencer as it helps you curate a more aesthetic social media feed. With its great picture quality, even in low-light situations, this camera will give you plenty of likes, and make your followers say “wow”.

EOS M200

With this camera, you also say goodbye to blurry, dark or out-of-focus photos that you might get when taking pictures with a smartphone. Instead, say hello to a range of helpful features that will make each snap insta-worthy.

It’s all about the crop

Each social media platform has its own dimensions when it comes to images, and there’s always a risk that some of the quality will be lost when you crop your photos. But that’s not the case with the Canon EOS M200. With the powerful 24.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the image quality remains high even after cropping it.

EOS M200 high resolution photo
EOS M200, f/7.1, 88mm, 1/200sec, ISO500

And with the Dual Pixel CMOS AF, you can always achieve sharp photos during day and night without any blur. The Eye Detection AF makes sure you are always in focus, whatever the situation may be.

Full focus on you with the Self Portrait Mode

EOS M200 self portrait mode for selfie
EOS M200, f/5, 13mm, 1/250 sec, ISO125

The big star is of course you, and the camera makes sure you look fabulous in each and every selfie. The Self Portrait Mode lets you tilt the touchscreen and snap shots with a simple touch. For that extra added beauty, Canon’s unique colour science gives each photo a more pleasing array of colours and natural skin tones.  

The EOS M200 also comes with the handy smooth skin effect. With this function, your skin will always look flawless, and your followers might think you’re having a professional make-up artist with you at all times.

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Get a consistent look with the help of Creative Assist

EOS M200, f/4.5, 32mm, 1/125 sec, ISO1250

You don’t have to be a technical wizard to make the most out of your EOS M200. Creative Assist is a helpful tool for editing photos such as Brightness or Background blur. With simple touches, you can make adjustments in order to get more stunning shots.

What this does is helping you keep you a consistent look and feel throughout your Instagram feed. By taking pictures in similar environments, for example only outdoors, and keeping similar settings, such as having a light & airy pastel colour scheme, you can make your feed both visually stunning and more interesting to watch.

And if you don’t know your style yet, Creative Assist helps you experiment, in order to find the one that’s right just for you.

Post without any delay with built-in Wi-Fi

As soon as you’ve taken your beautiful shots you will of course want to upload it to your social media page right away. With the EOS M200 you can automatically transfer photos via Wi-Fi by simply using the Canon Camera Connect App. This means you can go from snapping a photo to posting it online in no time. Just don’t forget to use some great hashtags too!

The last feature you have to know about is the ability to take pictures remotely by using your smartphone as a remote control. This is done through the power of Bluetooth. What this does is allowing you to get full body shots of you when no one else is around. This is great when you want to showcase things like your daily outfit, or some advanced yoga pose.

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That’s just a first look at the EOS M200. Start using it now and make your social media page more beautiful.