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Camera Connect: When Photography Just Gets More Fun



What would you do when your date asks you to photograph her with a smartphone?

So, you’re on a date with the love of your life. You have brought your Canon EOS camera along to take some amazing pictures to express your love for her. You both are having a great time, but just when the date/impromptu photoshoot session seems to be reaching its peak, she suddenly passes you her smartphone.

“Use this! I want to put it on social media!”

Has that happened to you? If it has, you aren’t alone.

When that happens, here’s what you should do:
Step 1: Install Canon’s Camera Connect on her phone at lightning speed.
Step 2: Link it with your camera.
Step 3: Return the smartphone to her with a smile, and tell her, “Choose your favourite shot.”

She will probably give you a dirty stare as she snatches her phone back, but that might just change when she starts scrolling through the images*.

* Actual results depend on the individual

“But what’s Camera Connect?”

Not quite sure what Camera Connect is? That’s what this article is about! First, click on the link below and download it to your smartphone. We will explain more as we go along.

Available On


Camera Connect download buttons

One of the best things about Camera Connect is how easily it lets you transfer images and videos from your camera to your smartphone.


1. Use your smartphone to see the images on your camera!

Once you have installed Camera Connect on your smartphone, start the app and follow the instructions to pair your smartphone and camera. When that’s done, tap on the “Images on Camera” button and take a look at the images that you have previously shot. How many images are there on your memory card? 

If you are guilty of letting your images sit in your camera, Camera Connect is here to give them a new lease of life. Seeing those images on a new medium, such as your smartphone screen, can be like seeing them through fresh eyes: You might even realise that some of the shots look better than you thought!

EOS 200D II on table with makeup items


Different screen, fresh perspectives

Displaying an image on a smartphone screen can help you to notice things you didn’t see during playback on the rear LCD monitor.

Pick out your favourite shot—the one the resounds most with you. Now use Camera Connect to send it to your smartphone and share it on your social media account. You might be tempted to just “#throwback”, but why not share a bit more about the story behind it? That way, your followers can relate even better to your shot.

That’s it—you have now taken your first step into the world of Canon Camera Connect.

Tip: Sharing photos is a good way to deepen connections! Find out how photographer Annice Lyn used it to share her shots with the portrait subjects she shot while traveling in this article.


2. Auto-transfer images to your smartphone as you shoot

Great news: Newer EOS camera models are compatible with the Auto Transfer function*. If you are using one of them, you will see the “Auto Transfer” button on your smartphone interface once your camera is connected. Why not give it a try?

The Auto Transfer function automatically sends the shots that you take to your smartphone, right after you have taken them. Just imagine: You can keep clicking away at the things that you see, and when you next have some downtime, the images will already be in your smartphone, waiting for further action. Just make sure your phone batteries don’t go flat!

Camera Connect AutoTransfer workflow


Social media-friendly image size option available!

You can choose to transfer an image either as a reduced-size JPEG ideal for sharing on social media, or an original size JPEG file for backup on your smartphone. The latter option is great for when your camera memory card becomes full and you have to clear up some space on it.

*Compatible cameras: Click here for more details


A great tool for aspiring Instagram boyfriends/husbands

Let’s face it: Portrait shoots aren’t necessarily always smooth, especially if you have a very (cough) image-conscious significant other as your model. Your workflow often ends up something like this:
1. Shoot.
2. Take the camera to her. Review the shots together.
3. She’s not satisfied. Go back to where you were and reshoot.
4. Rinse and repeat the process.

That’s when Auto Transfer comes to the rescue. Set up Camera Connect to auto-transfer images to her phone, and she can check them and let you know what she thinks, right from where she is. You can make the necessary adjustments on the spot. Sounds like a better workflow? You go, bro.

Distance between model and photographer, model using Camera Connect

The Auto Transfer function on Camera Connect lets your model see your shots right after you have shot them, making it easier to communicate during the shoot.


3. Easier selfies and wefies!

Did you know that Camera Connect also has a remote shutter release feature? On compatible Bluetooth-ready cameras, this is also known as the “Bluetooth remote controller”, and it is an unexpected gem when you shoot selfies.

Instead of struggling to press the shutter button or tap the screen while maintaining the composition or attempting to get the perfect expression with the self-timer, you can now just tap a button on your smartphone to release the shutter whenever you are ready. That’s one arm safely out of the frame, and a lot more freedom to pose and compose.

Selfie with EOS M200

While your left hand is adjusting the composition, your right hand can be on your smartphone, ready for shutter release.


Remote Live View Shooting: Great for group shots

Taking group shots with the self-timer is often a race against time. After pressing the shutter button, if you’re fast enough, you get in the picture with time to spare for posing nicely. If you aren’t, the camera catches you in some unglamorous position, if it even captures you at all! 

With Remote Live View Shooting function, all that is history. Not only can you trigger the shutter right from where you are, everyone in the group can check the composition on the smartphone screen before you release the shutter.

Go ahead, use it to try out that unconventional group pose, or even a group jump shot. That might just be the next masterpiece you put on social media!

Group selfie with EOS M200

You can try out all sorts of poses and preview the shot right on your smartphone screen. Getting picture-perfect wefies has never been easier.

For more remote shooting tips, check out:
6 Useful Tips for Remote Shooting via Wi-Fi with the Camera Connect App


Geotag your images too!

In addition to all that we have shared here, Camera Connect also lets you tag your images with GPS information from your smartphone. That way, you will always have a record of where you shot those precious travel photos. 

For more information and details on setup procedures, check out the following page:


Know this: Capturing your photo or movie is just the beginning!

From 14 April 2020, you can look forward to image.canon, a new cloud service that allows you to seamlessly upload your photos and movies and download or forward them to where you want them to be. That makes it so much easier to tell your stories, whether in public or in private!

Features of image.canon


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