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Capture Unique Perspectives with the Canon EOS M50


Photography is all about perspective. When you have a unique perspective, you create a world that only you can imagine, and through photography, translate that imagery into a form of visual art. Can a human be as tiny as an ant? Or a camera as large as a boulder? Anything is possible with perspective. Let’s find out how.

As seen on the video, our model, in miniature size, jumps from a camera body to a lens and another. It is made possible with these simple steps.

Step 1:

m50 perspective with lenses

Prepare the necessary equipment. For the video, we use a camera body – EOS M50 –  and two lenses as the ‘stepping platforms’ where our model jumps onto.

Step 2:

m50-perspective jump

We level the top of our objects – the camera body and lenses – with the ground our model is standing on. As our model is a distance away, we get closer to the ground to make sure the objects are in line with the distant plane. To create an equal height, we stack objects underneath the equipment to balance them out.

Step 3:

m50-perspective ground markers

As we position our model atop each object, we also place markers on the spots to guide her.

Step 4:

m50 vari angle lcd

Using the EOS M50’s Vari-angle LCD screen, we view our shot from the screen as we shoot from a low angle. In this way, we are not required to lie flat on the ground just to view the frame. The mirrorless camera records movies in 4K video quality, giving our footages a rich colour and dimensionality.

Step 5:

m50 perspective - end

We make sure that our angle is perfect before recording the video. It may take several tries for the model to land nicely onto each object, but the outcome is as amazing as it is rewarding.


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