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In Focus: EOS 80D

EOS 80D, the successor of EOS 70D, is a feature-rich DSLR that boasts increased resolution and image quality, faster and more accurate auto-focusing and superb movie features. Coupled with the new EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM kit lens, the EOS 80D’s all-round performance is perfect for pro-amateur and even professional users. The camera comes with Wi-Fi capability, allowing one to transfer images and videos wirelessly from the camera to smart phones, computers, printers, and internet cloud (online storage system).

  • Convenient Movie Shooting Features on the EOS 80D

    Besides its function as a DSLR camera, the EOS 80D is also a high-performance movie camera that is capable of capturing fascinating movies. In the following, let us take a look at how we can widen our range of photographic expression with the smooth AF and accessories. (Photo & text by: Ryosuke Takahashi)

  • The EOS 80D Touch-screen and 5 Convenient Things You Can Do With It

    One of the features of the EOS 80D is the touch-screen, which makes operating the camera simpler and much more straightforward. This article tells you more about the functions now possible thanks to the touch-screen.

  • Using the HDR Mode on the EOS 80D

    About how to use the HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode on the EOS 80D, which helps to overcome large differences in tone among highlights and shadows in an image that occur due to inevitable limits in dynamic range.

  • EOS 80D Review: Nature Photography

    The EOS 80D is one camera that you will find perfect for natural landscapes. Let’s examine several photos taken with it to get a better idea of its capabilities. (Reported by: Shirou Hagihara)

  • 3 Useful Camera Functions for Shooting Nightscapes

    Use these functions to unleash your creativity and achieve even better images at night!

  • EOS 80D Lens Pairing Review: EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

    The EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, is a zoom lens that lets you enjoy full-fledged telephoto photography at a reasonable price. This is the one lens I would recommend if mobility is a key concern when you’re looking for a telephoto zoom lens. Read on as I review the lens with the EOS 80D. (Reported by: Ryosuke Takahashi)

  • All About the EOS 80D (1) – 45 All Cross-type AF Points

    One of the characteristics about the AF system of the EOS 80D is that all AF points make use of a cross-type sensor. While the total number of 45 AF points is also an important quality, you can make more sophisticated use of the camera by gaining a better understanding of the characteristics and properties of the AF sensor. Let us start by learning how the AF sensor functions. (Photos and text by: Ryosuke Takahashi)

  • All About the EOS 80D (2): AF Area Selection Modes for Speedy Focusing

    The key to focusing quickly and accurately with the EOS 80D lies in how you make use of the 45 AF points. Learn more about the four AF area selection modes that can help you capture that decisive moment!

  • All About the EOS 80D (3) Making Full Use of Creative Filters in Live View Shooting

    Creative filters is a feature that allows you to enjoy visual effects that cannot be achieved through conventional photography by applying digital effects to the image, thereby giving a totally different look to your photos. In the following article, I will explain how to operate the camera to use the Creative filters and the qualities of the respective Creative filter effects. (Photos and text by: Ryosuke Takahashi)

  • EOS 800D vs EOS 77D vs EOS 80D: Which Camera to Get?

    Torn between the EOS 800D, EOS 77D and EOS 80D and can’t decide which to choose? We explore the similarities and differences between these models, which will hopefully help you decide which one suits your needs better. (Reported by: Teppei Kohno)