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EOS M6 meets Dean Fujioka in Jakarta


Canon’s latest mirrorless camera, the EOS M6, comes lavish with Canon’s most advanced technologies built into its retro-like appearance. The EOS M6 product launch party was held in Indonesia on the 2nd of March, with Dean Fujioka who livened up the event with his appearance as ambassador. In this report, we will cover the scene at the launch and Dean Fujioka’s theories on photography shared at the event. (Reported by: SNAPSHOT)


New mirrorless camera makes its first appearance in Indonesia

The presenters at the launch: (from left): Mr. Dai Kichiji, Senior Manager, ICP Marketing Division, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd; Ms. Merry Harun, Director of Canon division, PT Datascrip; EOS ambassador, Dean Fujioka.


The EOS M6 has been creating a global buzz since its announcement. Its launch party was held on the 2nd of March in Jakarta, Indonesia, which has a large mirrorless camera fan base. The event entitled “The launch of the Canon EOS M6”, displayed Canon’s largely-anticipated new mirrorless camera for the first time, with a roundup of its features and details.

Mr. Dai Kichiji, Senior Manager of Canon Singapore's ICP Marketing Division, spoke about the superior AF ability on the EOS M6: “In its compact body, the EOS M6 comes installed with the highly advanced AF system found on EOS professional range cameras. I would like all of you to experience the advanced AF system that have professional photographers reluctant to go back to their usual camera models after trying the EOS M6 once.”

In its small body, the EOS M6 uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which was also implemented on professional models such as the EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV and has already seen users of professional range cameras giving excellent reviews about its performance. To quote Mr. Kichiji, “You will have no limitations in your choice of pictures, movies or subjects.”

Ms. Merry Harun, the director of the Canon division in PT Datascrip, also answered questions from reporters, “With its high shooting performance, the EOS M6 is sure to satisfy a wide range of users. You can even use it for photographing moving subjects or fashion shows. It’s a perfect camera for bloggers.”

In the event, the EOS M6 also demonstrated its aesthetic versatility, with fashion models dressed in various styles each holding an EOS M6, suggesting its ability to complement anyone’s wardrobe.




The EOS M6 - versatile enough to match anyone’s style, and built with an AF ability of high-end cameras

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Mr. Dai Kichiji explaining the high image quality and shooting ability of the EOS M6.


Ms. Merry Harun stating the similarities in high performance with the EOS M5, which will please a wider range of users, especially bloggers.


A perfect camera for artists - the EOS M6

Next, the discussion with EOS ambassador Dean Fujioka took place. The EOS M6 looked on point with Fujioka in a blue suit ensemble.  Fujioka, who counts Indonesia as one of his base platforms, spoke about his theories on photography, “When shooting, I think that expressing the stories and emotions you feel behind the form, is very important whenever you take pictures.”


He shared a collage he had prepared from pictures he took when he travelled around the world.

A collage of pictures of Dean Fujioka’s early days when he travelled the world, which he said was taken with an EOS 350D. As the pictures were displayed on a slideshow, he discussed his theories on photography.


Fujioka told the audience that looking at those pictures of himself in his early days taken in various parts of the world brings back vivid memories of those times.

An actor, musician and movie producer whose activities span across various ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Fujioka rated the importance of the camera as a very useful tool to have.

“Having a camera is extremely useful in creative work, such as when writing songs, making movies or videos, while frequently moving between countries. Pictures help you recall the impression you had at a particular moment. Therefore, I think cameras like these are very efficient tools to have for creative people.”

Fujioka’s go-to camera is the EOS M5. The EOS M6, which he tried for the first time at this event, seems to have left a different impression on him. He stated his fondness for its retro exterior, and said that it enables you to take moving subjects smoothly.

Fujioka mentioned that he will have more work based in Indonesia for 2017. It looks like you may just be able to catch a glimpse of Dean Fujioka out and about in Jakarta this year.

Dean Fujioka has fun taking a we-fie with guests of the event using the EOS M6.


In addition to the EOS M6, the EOS M10 and EOS M5 were also displayed for guests to try and feel the difference between each model.


A large promotional poster of Dean Fujioka displayed at the event.


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